The Odysseia Knights (also spelled Odyssey (望郷派オデュッセイア?)) is an infamous organization whose members believe that by clocking enough deaths, an Adventurer would be able to return back to the real world. Despite their infamy, they are also known for helping out with quests and events, perhaps as a way to die without actually killing themselves. All of its members are part of Plant Hwyaden.


Carrying the Portable Shrine of Boreas with them, the Odysseia Knights travel around Yamato, fighting like mad dogs against monsters and causing massive devastation towards anyone involved, including themselves.

Although they have won the respect of the Landers for slaying monsters, the Knights themselves care nothing for them and see them as NPCs rather than people, readily sacrificing Landers and their habitats when necessary.


Fallen Guardian arc

They were briefly mentioned by Henrietta during her analysis of the dangers roaming the Yamato server during the murderer's rampage.

Despite the group's small size, it gained a fearsome reputation due to the extremity of their beliefs; in their minds, dying enough times would return them to the real world, and they were known as a suicide cult. However, Henrietta temporarily overlooks it in favor of dealing with the rogue Royal Guard first, believing that it was too much for her to handle.[1]

Route 43 arc

Lh2 19 09

The Odysseia Knights fighting the Nightshades

The Odysseia Knights are around Minami, and are seen when hundreds of Wyverns attack. Using their portable Shrine, they recklessly charge into battle, dying over and over, even killing each other in their madness, only to respawn at the shrine and charge right back in. Roe2 notes that they have become addicted to death, and surmises that the Genius' plan is being forwarded by their actions, while Minori and Touya look on in horror.

Homesteading the Noosphere arc

During the attack of the Eternal Moths, Kazuhiko irately notes that the Odysseia Knights are interfering with the rest of Plant Hwyaden's attempts to ward off the moths and protect the Landers.



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