An Overskill (口伝オーバースキル, kuden?, lit. "oral arts", also translated as teachings or mysteries; see Trivia), is an emergent use of one's own abilities, after the Catastrophe, in a way that was not designed by the game of Elder Tale.

Ga-tan calls it the "Skill of the Giants"; given that she is native to the world of Theldesia, it is possible that Overskills are something that already existed.


Overskills are discovered through experimentation, but are also often difficult to master without training and research. Potentially, these skills can be categorized as Continent-level or even Global-level Magic, depending on how they are applied and what impact they have on the world of Elder Tale. Overskills such as Shiroe's Contract Art Ceremony or Magical Engineering have already caused societal upheavals among the People of the Earth.

Combat-usable Overskills register an entirely new skill into the system, prompting a notification to appear saying what skill had been created.[1]

Known Overskills

Name Discoverer Description
Artemis Fever Richou Greatly boosts mobility and attack power at the cost of one's judgement. Uses Monk's Wild Cat Stance with Felinoid's racial skill Cat Reflection to enter a state of Frenzy, where damage is raised at the cost of defense. After the Catastrophe, it also throws one into a drunken haze, lowering one's reason. As a result, the Felinoid's feral nature is set loose and goes beyond normal sensibilities. Due to its unpredictable nature, it is seldom used in major raids.
Chiron Tablet Rieze Allows Rieze to read the system log. During battle, by focusing on the target, she can read the damage it received, debuffs, and other information in text. Can be used on both friend and foe. She already has this Overskill by volume 6, but she kept quiet because this ability also allows her to read a person's measurements.
Clairvoyance Soujiro Seta A brief projection of an object's momentum; Strikes can be seen before they hit, allowing the user to dodge or block.
Compression Combo Kanami Chains a combo of skills by animation canceling. When using a skill, rather than performing the same movements as the in-game animation, Kanami performs another action (for example, an uppercut instead of a straight punch with the Lightning Straight skill). This allows her to compress skills and movements for massive damage.
Contract Art Ceremony Shiroe Magical contract made using a Scribe skills. The contract's strength is directly proportional to the strength and rarity of the items used to create the contract, and its effect depends on the terms of the contract.
Crimson Contract KR By dissolving his original Summoner's contract with a Summon of high intelligence (in his case, the Garnet Dragon), he releases it from its Minion status, and then establishes a new equal partnership based on mutual benefits and understanding. KR has this kind of contract with the Garnet Dragon, after whom this Overskill is named.
Glimmering Shield Naotsugu Unknown ability. He hasn't awakened it yet.
Guardian Wolf Takayama Misa Only activates when Misa is unconscious. It summons a huge wolf with a personal catalyst. Excelling in defense, the wolf's perception and personality are separate from Misa's own. It is said to be the she-wolf that raised and nurtured Romulus and Remus.[2]
Heavenly Road Nazuna Instead of using Purification Barrier to block small-scale attacks, they are arranged in the air as 5 cm thin blue plates for use as footing.
Hyperion Eye Krusty Determine a target's HP and status effects by sight, expanding on an adventurer's ability to determine a fellow player's basic information, although this only works on one's party or members of a raid party. This Overskill requires great concentration when used in larger player groups, but is very helpful in commanding Full Raids and Legion Raids. In the anime, it works on those behind him as well. It was awakened sometime during the Return of the Goblin King event.
Magical Engineering Michitaka and others Blacksmiths can fabricate machines that were previously unheard of in Elder Tale, such as the Steam Engine. Normally, they can combine magical aspects with scientific concepts to create a form of magical technology.
Mana Breeder Zeldys An extension of Race of Ritual abilities: draws out the magical power of a multitude of Race of Rituals.[3]
It was used to restart Minami's Intercity Transport Gate and in the construction of the armored train (in conjunction with Jered Gan).
Mnemosyne Taboo Krusty Greatly increases one's attack or defense at the cost of memories.
Multi-Line Calasin Allows one to have multiple telepathy calls at once.
Overlay Nureha A skill created from combining Courtesan subclass with Fox Tail shapeshifting: creates a disguise with a menu screen to match. It has an evolved version called "To Somewhere," which has an unknown effect.
Parallel Plot Leonardo Channels two abilities at the same time by using each hand for an ability. This Overskill is built around Deadly Dance, which has a one-second cooldown and whose power increases with continuous attacks. With one hand, he uses Deadly Dance, and in between cooldowns, he uses another skill with his other hand.
Real Food Preparation Nyanta A competent Chef can physically prepare food that tastes like real food. However, food prepared this way will rely on the quality of ingredients, and cause weight gain over time.
Shadow Lurk Akatsuki Using the Tracker skill Hide Shadow with Lord Mirage and Trick Step creates a new skill: shadow clones are created to attack in conjunction, dissipating when attacked.
In order to use this ability, Akatsuki has to hold her breath.
Seven Sound Projection Henrietta Unknown ability.
The 43rd Song Isuzu An original song that conjures a city-wide aura, causing the rubble within that range to move to defend anyone in the area.


  • According to one of Mamare's Twitter notes, Real Food Preparation creates food that can cause weight gain, unlike menu-crafted food.
  • The Japanese kanji name for Overskills, 口伝 (kuden), follows the naming pattern of regular Skills, and is the uppermost skill level in martial arts where the school's secrets, mysteries, and best techniques are only passed down orally to keep them from spreading.
  • Two other terms used for Overskills include "skill of the great ones" (巨人の技, kyojin no waza?) (by Ga-tan) and "boundary-destroying art" (崩界技, kuzure-kai-waza?).


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