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In contrast to a guild, a party (パーティー) is a temporary group formed by players with a common mission or goal, such as completing a specific quest. Although some parties disband immediately after the goal is achieved, others—such as the legendary Debauchery Tea Party - were long-lasting.


A single party can consist of up to six members. Fighting Party Rank monsters requires up to six Adventurers, while Raid Rank monsters require anywhere from 24 to 96 Adventurers (having multiple parties of six) to challenge. A standard party was also considered to consist of 6 members with various roles.


One of the main benefits of forming a party is that every player within the party can see the HP and other stats of other party members on his screen. They are also able to easily keep track of the position and distance of other party members when they're in the same zone.[1][2] Another benefit is the small size of the party, which makes it able to move about dungeons quickly which is relatively easy for a team leader to manage. Also, as opposed to a raid team, a new operator can handle a party's operations with relative ease.


The small size of a party in comparison to a guild, is generally weaker in overall strength unless its members are all high-level players. Overall resources and supplies are more limited and a party-sized group can be at disadvantage against a foe that is far stronger or outnumbers it. However, despite this, a single member will generally get a higher percentage of drops as opposed to a raid team or guild.

Known Parties


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