Passhita is a former member of Hamelin who appears only in the West Wind Brigade spinoff. He and Coza affiliate themselves with Magus, an enigmatic shadow leader who incites the actions of Hamelin, Blue Impact, and Canossa.




Log Horizon: West Wind Brigade

Passhita, Coza, and Magus first appear after Isami storms out of the West Wind Brigade guild hall in anger towards Soujiro's indifference at their situation. With Sara following her, Isami ends up interrupting the three when she sees Passhita and Coza trying to force Minori and Touya into joining Hamelin. Although Passhita is angered by her attitude, Magus manages to persuade Isami that they were only trying to help the younger members, and she leaves. However, when the two girls take a shortcut to return to the guild hall, Passhita and Coza ambush them. Coza grabs Sara and begins stripping her as Passhita, to Isami's horror, reveals that the Royal Guard wouldn't help the two girls, a fact they learned from "experimentation." Running out of options and fearing for her friend's safety, Isami ends up drawing her blade and stabbing him just as Soujiro arrives, which summons the Royal Guard.[1]

When Soujiro tries defending Isami from the guard, to little avail, he overhears Passhita telling Sara to watch her friends die by the Guard's hand. Fully enraged, Soujiro responds by cutting off Passhita's hand, much to the latter's horror. Acknowledging Passhita's panicked statement about how the world was now their reality, Soujiro coolly replies that what they did to his guild members was also real. Because of Soujiro's attack, though, he became a target of the Guard. After temporarily using Passhita as a meat shield, Soujiro releases him after telling him never to touch his guild members again, and the two Hamelin members flee for their life.[2]

Several days after Soujiro's death and the rise of Player Killing, Passhita, Coza, and Magus meet up with Blue Impact and Canossa, two PK guilds directed by Magus. By this time, his hand has been restored, but his grudge towards Soujiro remains. Once given the opportunity by Magus, who used Minori and Touya as hostages to prevent Soujiro from retaliating, Passhita attempts to kill Soujiro but falters due to the latter's intense killing aura towards Magus.[3]

After the rest of Hamelin abandons Magus's side because he was weaker than Soujiro, Passhita and Coza decide to quit the guild and atone for their actions with Magus.



Passhita (between Magus and Dolce) in the anime


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