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A group of players ambushing another group

Player Killing, often abbreviated as PK, is the act of killing another player in an online game. With each game, the act holds different meanings and weight.

Elder Tale

In Elder Tale, the act of killing players is merely for fun and profit, and hasn't been considered true murder after the players realized that those who were killed were revived at the Cathedral; however, all players were initially unaware that the killed players would lose their memories, from the real world, from each death. Ever since they were trapped in the Elder Tale world, the players started PKing for easy money and items outside safe zones due to the fact that the Royal Guard will intervene if they start fighting in a safe zone and the fear of taking on high-level monsters.

One of the main reasons why PKing was done was due to sheer boredom. However, in Akiba, it is considered as going too far and is banned in the low levels of the city. It was unanimously agreed by the Round Table Alliance, that PKing players under level 50 was pointless.

Ever since the conditions of Akiba have been improved greatly due to the Round Table Alliance's efforts to make living in the world of Elder Tale for fellow Adventurers better, there are almost no PK incidents.

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