Good grief, even though it seems foolish, an enjoyable life is enviable.

Pororoca is an Elf Sorcerer-Armorsmith and a member of the Silver Sword. He participates in the fourth party of the Abyssal Shaft Raid Party.


Pororoca is wearing a white hat. He has blond hair and green eyes.


Pororoca is described as a "sarcastic youngster," and his insistence on hiding information about his real-life self combined with his childlike stubbornness has led to rumors that he is in fact the youngest member of the guild.


Round Table Alliance arc

Pororoca shoos the Dread Pack members

Pororoca is first seen in Silver Sword's hunting grounds with Pianississimo and another unnamed member when Dread Pack arrives in search of monsters to hunt, only for him to shoo them away. Rikopin sticks her tongue out at him as the others turn away and leave, reject.

Gold of the Kunie arc

After the raid party returns from Abyssal Shaft, Pororoca can be seen talking to Prometheus and Eltendiska in the background while Naotsugu and Shiroe are being interrogated by Li Gan.



  • Pororoca shares a voice actor with Touya.
  • Pororoca, like William, hates vegetables. However, thanks to BologneseMaster and Federico's efforts, he can now eat bell peppers.



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