Quickstars is a guild in Elder Tale. It is comprised of the demonstration characters created for the Log Horizon TRPG. Originally, the characters had neither names nor personality, but due to increasing demand, they were expanded on for the mobile game and placed together in a guild.

The guild also made cameos in the second season of the anime, but were not officially named and had no speaking roles.


Name Rank Class Status
Kite Member Guardian Active
Genjirou Member Samurai Active
Fon Member Monk Active
Tango Member Assassin Active
Tzuriel Member Swashbuckler Active
Nyanyi Member Bard Active
Kuu-chan Member Cleric Active
Pinata Member Druid Active
Nadeshiko Member Kannagi Active
Roselle Meteor Member Sorcerer Active
Mofto Member Summoner Active
Viola Member Enchanter Active
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