Radio Market (stylized as RADIO Market) is a small, Akiba-based production guild with a long history in Elder Tale. It is lead by veteran player Akaneya Ichimonjinosuke.

Radio Market joins the Round Table Alliance and, later, the New Round Table Council that replaces it.


The guild was founded as a gathering place for eccentric players who liked taking up unpopular subclasses and production-dependent playstyles.[2]

After the Catastrophe, while Shiroe's Party embarked on its mission to rescue Serara, Radio Market was one of the guilds invited to Marielle's meeting to unite the small-and-mid-sized guilds in Akiba. After talks break down and other guilds leave one-by-one, Akaneya and Grandeur's Woodstock W are the only guild masters left with Marielle.[3]

After the Crescent Moon Alliance and the newly-founded Log Horizon take Akiba by storm with the Crescent Moon Refreshment Stand, Radio Market is one of the small guilds invited to participate in the Round Table Conference. It agrees to the foundation of the Round Table Alliance and becomes one of its 11 representative guilds.[1]

Since then, Radio Market's members have been tinkering away at new inventions... which typically end up as 99% junk, 1% unexpected breakthrough. Right now, Akaneya's goal is to make a radio that can be broadcast throughout Yamato; according to him, "It'd be disgraceful if a guild named 'Radio Market' doesn't make radios." Whether he's serious about this or just joking is anyone's guess.[2]



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