Ragranda Forest is a dungeon located in the Sand Leaf Peninsula near Choushi.


Ragranda Forest is an underground dungeon located in Sand Leaf Peninsula.  It is suitable for players between levels 20 and 35.  The interior is dark and spacious with ceilings three to five meters high; the path is about three meters wide. The walls are made of stone, and the ground is laid with granite slabs.

The first T-junction from the entrance leads to routes of varying difficulty with the left one being more challenging than the right. The dungeon serves as a home for a few small beast-type monsters, but is mainly inhabited by undead-type monsters.[1]


Summer Training Camp arc

As part of the Summer Training Camp held by the Round Table Alliance, some members of the camp went to Ragranda Forest to train. The three trainers that went were Naotsugu and Nyanta of Log Horizon and Rezarick of the Black Sword Knights. Minori, Touya, Serara, Isuzu, and Rundelhaus Code were among those who also went to the forest, along with some former members of Hamelin that had been freed through Shiroe's plan.


Though known for housing some small beast-type monsters, Ragranda Forest is mostly a home of undead-type monsters.

  • Skeleton is the most known type of undead monsters. They are reanimated skeletons that usually carry the melee weapons they used when alive.[2]
  • Skeleton Archer is a skeleton that specializes in long range fights, equipped with bow and arrows. A Skeleton Archer is usually accompanied by four Skeletons.[2]
  • Burning Dead is a boss hidden in the depths of right route. It has the ability to summon and strengthen undead subordinates.[2]
  • Evil Idol[3] is a boss hidden in the depths of left route. It is a giant black marble golem that has three eyes and six arms.


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