The Rat-Man is Demi-Human monster in the MMORPG Elder Tale.


Rat men sng

Rat-Men in the mobile game

Rat-Men are Demi-Human monsters whose levels range from 15 to 45. They are humanoid rats, standing on their hind legs with the height of that of a middle schooler, covered with smooth and seemingly moist fur. They are known for wearing articles of clothing notably scarfs around their necks and also for carrying and using weapons like knives.

Compared to other monsters of the same type, Rat-Men have relatively low battle prowess. However, they have a high reproduction rate and usually appear in large groups. They generally ignore players as long as the latter does not disturb them. However, when approached or cornered, Rat-Men are known to attack and can prove to be deadly because of their ability to cause the plague status.


The Depths of Palm

Large groups of Rat-Men appear when Shiroe, Naotsugu and Akatsuki were passing the Depths of Palm. However, the trio gives the Rat-Men a wide berth and are ignored by the monsters.


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