The Return of the Goblin King is an event that occurs twice a year on the Yamato server.


In Elder Tale, the Return of the Goblin King was a popular event that was enjoyed by the players, The plot was to slay the chosen Goblin King before he was crowned; with players being given a week to accomplish the task. Defeating the goblin clans beforehand weakened the potential Goblin King and his forces, and succeeding in the quest rewarded the players with rare items and such. In the event that players were unable to accomplish the task, the Knights of Izumo would step in and defeat the Goblin King.


After the Round Table Alliance was formed, a decision was made to hold a training camp for new players so they could level up quickly and be able to fend for themselves. After a couple of uneventful days at Sand Leaf and Ragranda Forest, the members of the training camp are attacked by absurdly high numbers of Sahuagin and Goblins.

When word of the attacking hordes reached the Ancient Palace of Eternal Ice, where the Conference of Lords was taking place, the Lander nobles began demanding that the Adventurers fight off the monsters, insinuating that it was their fault that the goblins had not been weakened before the Goblin King was crowned. Due to the Catastrophe, the Adventurers had been too preoccupied with settling down in Elder Tale to pay attention to the event; unfortunately, this made the Goblin King and his armies more powerful than ever in the history of Elder Tale.

Furthermore, the Knights of Izumo went missing, a fact that was hidden by the nobles from the Round Table Alliance delegates, though the Adventurers were able to assume such by the large amounts of monsters. Inevitably, without Adventurer assistance, the People of the Land would be forced to sacrifice at least one of their cities and thirty percent of their overall forces to defeat the goblins. Even then, the defeated hordes would scatter and rampage throughout the country until they were hunted down, which would cause catastrophic damage and countless deaths.

Since Akihabara was not recognized as part of the Eastal League of Free Cities, the Adventurers felt that they had no obligation to accede to the nobility's demands. To bridge the gap between the Landers and Adventurers, Princess Rayneshia went to Akihabara to raise a volunteer army, which met resounding success. Krusty and Shiroe immediately established themselves as leader and strategist, and gave orders for those who volunteered to gear up for war against the Goblins and move out.

The Round Table Alliance Expeditionary Force easily defeated the Goblin hordes, with Krusty beating the Goblin General personally. Afterwards, the expeditionary troops secured areas and mopped out any remaining goblins left after the scattering of their forces. However, they did not defeat the Goblin King, reserving that for another moment.

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