Richou is a Werecat Monk-Berserker from D.D.D. His Overskill is Artemis Fever. Like many other members of his guild, Richou originated from the fan fic D.D.D Diaries.

After D.D.D splits into the D3-Hub, a guild coalition formed from different segments of the former D.D.D, Richou becomes the guild master of the D3-Fu guild.[3]



Richou in the anime

Richou is a tall and muscular Werecat with dirty-blonde and white fur and a few tiger-like stripes of black or dark brown. He wears a sleeveless brown shirt with a metal necklace or mantle, heavy gloves, and a green apron-like piece and orange-brown sash tied around his waist.



Fallen Guardian arc

He appears in the Akiba Raid Party's training grounds, where he has a  training match with Akatsuki, where she starts to use her small size as an advantage in combat.[4]

Homesteading the Noosphere arc

Along with Kozaru, Yuzuko, Rieze, and Kushiyatama, Richou is among the five D.D.D members (or former member, in Kushi's case) that participated in the Shibuya Raid.




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