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Rieze is a Half-Alv Sorcerer-Strategist and a member of the D.D.D in Elder Tale. She is one of the Drei Klauen, the ladies who act as Krusty's second-in-commands. Along with Henrietta, she acts as one of the leaders of the Akiba Raid Party during Operation Capture. Her Overskill is Chiron Tablet.

In real life, Rieze is a high school student named Celica Aizawa (藍沢せりか, Aizawa Serika?).[4] Despite being in the same age range as Serara, Isuzu, and Rundelhaus Code, Rieze's status as one of the vice-leaders of D.D.D separates her from them.


Rieze's character sheet for Log Horizon 2

Rieze has blonde hair and bright blue eyes. Her uniform color is red, in comparison to Takayama Misa's blue and ex-Drei Klauen member Kushiyatama's green.


When she was younger, she wanted to play the part of the ideal Japanese woman, graceful, elegant, and polite. She wasn't very good at it, though, and was teased about it.[5] While she looks like a serious and mature young woman, her attitude and shyness makes Henrietta suspect that she is younger than she looks.

Despite presenting herself as a serious and no-nonsense person, she has a playful side. She appears to enjoy giving Raynesia misinformation, "teaching" her various new words from the real world, but giving her the wrong definition for it.[5]

She has a romantic interest in Krusty, which Henrietta does not understand but respects anyways.


Before the Catastrophe

Rieze was born in Kiyose, into a "small normal family." She spent a lot of time with boys as a child, but stopped doing that when she wanted to become a "Yamato nadeshiko," but failed in her attempt to become one. Instead, she began studying fervently, which she received praise for. However, as she grew older, the coursework became more difficult and she stopped receiving praise for her studies.[5]

Thanks to her childhood friend Yuta's influence, Rieze began playing Elder Tale.[4] At some point in time, she became a member of D.D.D. and became infatuated with Krusty.

Round Table Alliance arc

During the Round Table Conference, Rieze and Takayama Misa accompany Krusty to the conference and stands back as she watches the meeting unfold.[6]

Return of the Goblin King arc

Along with most of D.D.D., Rieze is present at the attack on the Goblins. She and Alakshmi stand next to Krusty as they prepare to wipe out the Goblins and Dire Wolves at Sand Leaf. Once he takes the initiative, the two follow behind.

Fallen Guardian arc

Rieze accompanies several other guilds' members in having tea parties with Raynesia, which also doubles up as a security measure for her. During one of the tea parties, she is informed of Krusty's disappearance, upsetting her deeply.

After Enbart Nelles' attacks begin, Rieze is one day alone with Raynesia in the parlor. She starts talking about the old world, commenting that it is much colder in Theldesia than it was in the old world's Tokyo—a name unfamiliar to the Earthling girl. Rieze's attempts to describe Tokyo's geographical location only confuses Raynesia further, as Tokyo's equivalent location in Theldesia is inhospitable land occupied by monsters. Although the two realize how little they know about each other, they can still empathize with each other's experiences with adults and studying.[5]

When news arrives that Soujiro Seta and Akatsuki fell to the murderer's blade, Rieze is among those waiting for Akatsuki's revival at the Cathedral. She criticizes Akatsuki's decision-making and attempts to resolve everything on her own, without corresponding with any of the other Watermaple members. Afterwards, the Watermaple group decides to set up the Akiba Raid to deal with the murderer once and for all, and Rieze is assigned the role of battle coordinator due to her experience.

Towards the end of the battle, Akatsuki kites Nelles to a tall building, where Rieze and Kyouko laid in wait at the very top. With the building's height keeping them out of Nelles' 50-meter range and Kyouko keeping a hold on her so she wouldn't fall, Rieze casts Freezing Liner, taking advantage of gravity to extend the spell's 15-meter range and trap Nelles place. With him immobilized and the Guard system disabled to prevent him from teleporting away, Akatsuki puts an end to the fight by destroying his cursed sword.

Noosphere arc

Ever since Krusty's disappearance, Rieze has been trying to keep the guild together, especially since Misa also had become inactive with the guild's activities. One of the former Drei Klauen, Kushiyatama, is mentioned while Henrietta and Akatsuki are keeping Rieze's company.

When the Eternal Moths begin descending on Yamato, Rieze and several other members of D.D.D are selected to join the Shibuya Raid Team. However, Shiroe's early blunders cause her to doubt his judgement until he cleans up his act and proves his skills against the Genius boss.

Upon learning that Krusty was safe and sound, and now a part of Kanami's Party, Rieze displays her shock and relief. However, she is dismayed by the sudden connection break when the wire breaks, and returns to Akiba with most of the others.

Collapse of the Round Table arc

Without Krusty's presence or the internet support that the guild used to depend on, Rieze grows busier and busier with managing both D.D.D's affairs as well as their affairs with the Round Table Alliance. As a result, she isn't able to meet with Raynesia when the girl seeks to consult her about the recent marriage proposal she received. In the anime, however, she is shown consoling Raynesia after she receives Krusty's advice: "If you aren't upset when something is taken from you, it couldn't have been yours to start with", and she comes with Raynesia to Touri to reject his marriage proposal.

During the Akiba General Election that ensues, Rieze supports Raynesia and the New Round Table Council she stands as the candidate of.

Nightingale's Song arc

While the D3-Hub are making plans to accompany Raynesia in her mission to bring Krusty back from the Eured Continent, Rieze resolves to stay in Akiba and keep up with the administrative affairs of D3-Hub.

When the Genius Eirenus invades Akiba and sucks all Adventurers into a dungeon resembling the city, Rieze finds herself among the many veteran Adventurers who had their levels forcibly reduced to 35. She saves several Silver Sword members, and they carefully gather information about the enemies until they can meet up with the senior members of Log Horizon and the Mofur sisters. Rieze sacrifices herself along with the rest of the veteran Adventurers so that the Mofur sisters can deliver her and Shiroe's notes to Minori, setting up the events of the Akiba Guild Hall Raid.


Pride of Queen.jpg Pride of Queen: A magnificent staff set with a mysterious crystal that changes colors in response to accumulated magic. A trophy from the "Queen of Antiquity" raid quest. It has an effect that boosts the power of magic when several spells with the same attribute are used in a row.
Phial of Polaris.jpg Small Polaris Bottle: A small, beautifully crafted bottle with cold, shining blue air swirling inside. When opened, frigid polar air rages across a wide area, stopping enemies for a short time. Once used, it takes a full day for the cold air to fill up again, so use wisely.
Do Your Best Card.jpg Good Job Card: A Scribe production-class item known as a Message Card. This is something D.D.D. handed out to its members as a reward, back when this was a game. Misa drew a deformed version of Rieze's character on it.


  • Although Rieze's outfit is supposed to be red and is reflected that way in the Log Horizon Settings Book, her clothes are always blue in the first season. This is fixed in the second season.
    • As made apparent in the Settings Book for season 1, Rieze wore pants in the season 1 design, even though her light novel illustration had her in a skirt. Season 2 went with her light novel design.
  • Rieze shares a voice actress with Pianississimo.
  • She shares a birthday, April 2, with fellow D.D.D member Towa.


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