The Ritians (lit. Race of Ritual/Ceremony (法儀族?)) are one of the eight Races players can choose from.


It is clouded in mystery but is known for having high magical stats and for possessing large amounts of knowledge. But due to the bizarrely low health players of this race have, few players choose this race.

Along with Werecats, Wolf Fangs, and Fox Tails, the Ritians were created to combat the Demi-Humans summoned by the Ruquinjé.[1] Specifically, the Ritians were created to replace the Alvs, who had been wiped out by the other four main races. The tattoos they have on their bodies was the product of Alven technology that has now been lost; the tattoos have a multitude of abilities, ranging from protection to boosting attack power.

Lander Ritians have very short lifespans and, like the race they were designed to replace, have a low birthrate, making them very rare. Of course, Adventurers do not have that issue, although there are still relatively few of them due to their low HP gimmick. Slowly but surely, they are becoming an extinct race.

Racial Skills

Skill Description
Activation A special skill that forcibly activates your whole body and mind through the powers of a full-body rune. This allows for the usage of skills or spells in rapid succession.
Overdrive A natural ability that activates a rune found on Ritians, granting them a vast amount of magical power for a duration of time.
It is the trump card of the Race of Rituals that cannot be used often.
Tattoo Pattern: Empress Using the magical power of a tattoo that symbolizes prosperity, you can create a shield to protect yourself.
Tattoo Pattern: Strength Using the magical power of a tattoo that symbolizes bravery, unleash a barrage of destructive attacks with increased power. (Boosts Physical Attack)
Tattoo Pattern: Chariot Using the magical power of a tattoo that symbolizes conquest, speed yourself up by reducing cooldown time.
Tattoo Pattern: Magician Using the magical power of a tattoo that symbolizes creativity, strengthen the power of your magical spells. (Boosts Magical Attack)
Talismonger Grants proficiency in using magical equipment (i.e. staves, tomes, etc. and not the equip grade). For the Race of Rituals who have been created by magic, they can use these items as though they are extensions of their own bodies.
Lore of Ritual Profound knowledge is inherited by Ritians, granting them great wisdom. (Grants a bonus to INT?)

Known Ritians


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