This discovery is intriguing, let's perform more experiments immediately.
Roderick, Volume 2 Annex

Roderick, also known as Fairy Doctor Roderick, is the guild master of The Roderick Firm. He is a Ritian Summoner-Pharmacist and a member of the Round Table Alliance. His guild focuses on the acquisition of rare ingredients for equally-rare items or equipment. Roderick himself is an academic-looking man that works as a pharmacist.

In the real world, his name is Yoshifumi Ayano (天野義史 Ayano Yoshifumi).


He has facial and body tattoos as a result of his Ritian race. Roderick always wears a white lab coat and dons a pair of glasses.


According to Henrietta, Roderick is quite calculating, and superficially resembles Shiroe; however, she notes that he lacks Shiroe's boldness, which creates a world of difference between them. His speech and manner reflect his educated background and he is quite knowledgeable on many subjects, allowing him to research the new world. He is polite, though when speaking to his guild members, he can take on a commanding tone. When chatting with friends, he is pleasant.


The Catastrophe arc

After being trapped in the MMORPG Elder Tale, the Adventurers discover that the Intercity Transport Gates are not working, making it difficult to travel to other towns. Roderick, alongside many other players, is distressed by this news.

Round Table Alliance arc

Rodrick Anime

Roderick in the anime

Under the misconception that he was taking part in a new legendary-class quest, Roderick agrees to support Shiroe's plan by cooperating with Marine Organization and Shopping District 8 in donating a combined total of 4.5 million gold. Later on, the truth about the gold's use is discovered, and he receives instructions for making food taste real as well as Crescent Moon Alliance's recipes instead.

After studying these instructions, his guild and the other two major crafting guilds, Marine Organization and Shopping District 8, were able to apply these food-making concepts to other crafting subclass skills. Eventually, they succeeded in creating a prototype steam engine. Because of the knowledge provided by Shiroe, he agrees to the creation of the Round Table Alliance, as it will stimulate Akihabara's economy and result in great profit.

Summer Training arc

Both he and Charasin stay behind to finish work on the Ocypete after beating Michitaka in a game of rock-paper-scissors.

Libra Festival arc

Fallen Guardian arc

While Shiroe was away on his trip to Susukino, Nyanta delivered a letter to Roderick from the former, which contained details on the changes occurring in the world. The inclusion of the realization of flavor text on items and the growth in distance of the world piques Roderick's interest. Having been told by Nyanta that he already skipped lunch while obsessing over his research, the two go out for ramen together.




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