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It was Miss Nureha, an adventurer, who gave us Landers the iron-steel train. Watch your mouth.
—Roreil, to Mizufa Trude

Roreil Dawn is a Lander Human Cleric and one of the Ten Seats of Plant Hwyaden. He is also the Captain of the Royal Guard in Minami, which means that he is possibly of the Kunie clan in Minami (which is a different faction from Kinjo and the Kunie of Eastal).


Roreil has short, blond hair and green eyes. He has a mole under his left eye. He wears heavy armor.


Roreil is a highly loyal individual, particularly towards Nureha, to whom he seems to believe that the Landers are indebted to. Because of his devotion, he has been maliciously nicknamed the "Loyal Dog" of the Four Dogs of Minami (the others being "Watchdog" Kazuhiko, "Mad Dog" Mizufa Trude, "Vicious Dog" Nakarunado, and Quon as the "Extra Dog").


Gold of the Kunie arc


Roreil's status screen

He present at the Ten Seat Council meeting, but is displeased about the fact that Nureha wouldn't be there.

Route 43 arc

Roreil looks for Nureha, who vanished from Minami's Iron-Steel Train when he orders Londark to tell Mizufa that finding Nureha is a higher priority than power leveling. Naturally, Mizufa disregards him.

He later finds Nureha in the city of Saphir and pleads her to leave the city, which had become a war zone. Instead, however, she orders Roreil to kill all the Wyverns and Nightshades. He initially hesitates, since Operation Red Night was under Mizufa's orders and Nureha's initial approval. After Nureha reiterates her superiority to Mizufa, he quickly obliges, and is seen with several other Plant Hwyaden members, killing the monsters.

Twilight Orphan arc

While on a mission with Mizufa, she suddenly attacks him in order to get him out of her way. Her attack is blocked, however, and it turns out that Roreil has been newly outfitted in modified Royal Guard Armor. With his abilities bolstered to level 100 and the armor's defensive properties, Mizufa finds that she cannot kill him and instead retreats with the knowledge of his new capabilities.


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