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As the Samurai class is Japan's (the Yamato server's) localized class, other servers in Elder Tale invariably have different versions of the class.


  • Servers: North America, South/Central America, Southeast Asia, India, Africa, Oceania

The "standard" class, the Pirate class is native to the North American server and replaces the Samurai class on any server that does not have its own localized version.

A Warrior class based on the pirate. Sabers, daggers, and rope/grapples are the tools a pirate uses to wage war, but its usable armor is greatly restricted.

Similar to the Samurai class, they are frontline fighters that use special skills to overcome its low defense. A pirate's sense of balance is nurtured from fighting aboard ships, making them resistant to movement-inhibiting effects, and they can make clever attacks with the use of hooks and rope/grappling hook.

There were many players from the North American server, as well as the South American server, that became much friendlier to one another as marine-related quests were added to the American continents' servers.


  • Server: Korea

A Warrior class that bears the name of the legendary martial arts group. It excels in the use of one-handed blades like the long-bladed ring-pommel sword, Hwangdo, the uncurved straight sword, Jikdo, and other swords. They cannot equip shields, but mitigate damage by parrying.

While its taunt skills are potent in drawing Hate, their long cooldowns makes them hard to manage, so usage as a tank requires a degree of discipline.

The beautiful graphics for the Hwarang’s exclusive equipment, such as ornate sheathes and armor which seem to have jewels embedded in them, have become somewhat famous.


  • Server: China

A warrior class that has been carefully trained to use martial arts for the good of others. Like the Samurai, there are weapon limitations, but they still have a wide variety of weapons at their disposal, like jian, dao, qiang, axes, and pikes.

Due to how unique the stances and skills look in motion, some people say that the Youxia feel like they’re from an entirely different game. Due to the class having so many exclusive armors and weapons, there are many fans.

Because the Chinese server implemented a system allowing high ranking players to register titles, large numbers of players travel from outside of China to compete.


  • Server: Middle East


  • Server: Western Europe


  • Server: Scandinavia


  • Server: Russian


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