Sara (サラ) is one of the People of the Land and the housekeeper of West Wind Brigade. Sara was content just helping to maintain the West Wind Brigade's guildhouse, despite being ignored by her so-called employers. This is why she's bewildered how they've suddenly started to act towards her (from her point of view), rather than emotionless machines.


Sara has short black hair and dons a typical housekeeper outfit.


Rather shy, Sara is wary of adventurers and was rather confused when the Catastrophe happened.


Libra Festival arc

Sara is seen with other West Wind Brigade girls when they are enlisted by Shiroe to help deal with the troubles arising in the Libra Festival.

Fallen Guardian arc

Sara can be seen with some other maids in the West Wind Brigade guild hall, working.

Homesteading the Noosphere arc

When Camaysar begins entrancing women in Akiba, Sara falls victim to him after he failed to ensnare Kawara, Isami, and Fragrant Olive. They, Nazuna, Dolce, and Kurinon initially believe her to be kidnapped, but upon spotting the two together, they note that she looked more seduced than kidnapped. Enraged, Kurinon runs up to Camaysar and punches him in the face, revealing his true status as a Genius. In the process, he also lets go of Sara's hand, who faints into Nazuna's arms.[1]


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