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Saraliya Tsuleu-Arte Cowen is the eldest daughter of Sergiad, the older sister of Langrissa, and the wife of Phenel. The two of them bore three children : Risselthea, Raynesia, and Iselus. A talented woman known as the "Pearl of Eastal," she currently leads Maihama's counterintelligence agency. Her occupation is Spy, and her sub-occupation is Noble.

She is currently 36 years old, and her birthday is on June 7.[1][4]

Like Iselus and Risselthea, she was first introduced in the Log Horizon TRPG supplement, Into the Theldesia: The Eight Neighbors of Yamato (1). She makes her first proper appearance in Log Horizon 12: Collapse of the Round Table.


Despite being 36 years old, Saraliya maintains a youthful beauty that makes her the envy of Eastal nobility.


As a person recognized for her talents at a young age, Saraliya has high expectations of her children and is noted by Elissa to be rather cold towards them. She places social status and appearances in high standing, pressuring Raynesia to accept the marriage proposal from Westelande's House of Saiguu due to the family shame from Risselthea's scandal years ago and Raynesia's scandal with Krusty during the Goblin Raid.

In the anime, there are hints that Saraliya may have wanted to take a different path in life; when taking a break from training one day, Iselus notes that he often saw his mother looking out the window at the sky and wondered as much, and Raynesia wins her independence from the Cowen family by arguing on these terms.


Before the Catastrophe

Even as a teenager, Saraliya displayed her talents by helping her father with political matters. It was during this time that she became acquainted with Phenel, fell in love with him at first sight, and married him.[5]

Saraliya's first appearance in the anime

Collapse of the Round Table arc

(Volume 12/Season 3 spoilers)

Saraliya makes her first proper appearance in volume 12, handing Raynesia a marriage proposal from Touri Saiguu, the young leader of the House of Saiguu. She puts an enormous pressure on Raynesia to get married for the sake of the family. In the anime, she leaves Raynesia with a cryptic message: "Be prepared, so that you have no regrets."

While Raynesia initially agrees, albeit hesitantly because Marves spins her non-rejection as acceptance, after talking with Akatsuki, Rieze, and Misa, she reverses her stance. When she goes to Maihama to get her mother and grandfather's approval, Saraliya voices her severe displeasure and criticizes Serjiad's coddling of Raynesia. However, after Elissa and Calasin stands up for Raynesia, and Raynesia declares her own intentions of getting Krusty back, Saraliya begrudgingly agrees on the condition that Krusty returns within a year.

In the anime, Saraliya asks Raynesia if she can function on her own at Watermaple Mansion as representative of the proposed New Round Table Council for three reasons: her ability to perform her current duties as ambassador; her ability to pay the bills for the mansion and for the other maids there; and whether Raynesia truly wants this for herself instead of being sweet-talked into it by those around her. Calasin and Elissa parry the first two points on her behalf, and Raynesia decisively argues in her own favor. She notes that her mother didn't tell her she had to accept the marriage proposal, only to live her life without regrets. She argues further that even though the path she wants to take means she will have to leave the Cowen family, that establishing and leading New Round Table Council will let her walk the path that her mother might have wanted to walk at her age. Saraliya relents, telling Raynesia to make a name for herself in Akiba as someone with Cowen blood. With Raynesia now free to stand as a candidate, the Akiba General Election begins shortly thereafter.[6]


  • In the development team, she is known as "Mamanesia," while Serjiad is known as "Grampynesia".[2]


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