Saraliya Tsuleu-Arte Corwen is the eldest daughter of Serjiad Corwen, the older sister of Langrissa, and the wife of Feynail. The two of them bore three children: Risselthea, Rayneshia, and Iselus. A talented woman known as "The Pearl of Eastal," she currently leads Maihama's counterintelligence agency.

She is currently 36 years old, and her birthday is on June 7.[1][2]

Like Iselus and Risselthea, she was first introduced in the Log Horizon TRPG supplement, Into the Theldesia: The Eight Neighbors of Yamato (1).


Despite being 36 years old, Saraliya maintains a youthful beauty that makes her the envy of Eastal nobility.


As a person recognized for her talents at a young age, Saraliya has high expectations of her children and is noted by Elissa to be rather cold towards them.

She also seems to place social status and appearances in high standing, pressuring Rayneshia to accept the marriage proposal from Westelande's Saiguu family due to the family shame from Risselthea's scandal years ago and Rayneshia's scandal with Krusty during the Goblin Raid.


Prior to the Catastrophe

Even as a teenager, Saraliya displayed her talents by helping her father with political matters. It was during this time that she became acquainted with Feynail, fell in love with him at first sight, and married him.[3]

Collapse of the Round Table arc

Saraliya makes her first proper appearance in volume 12, handing Rayneshia a letter from Westelande's ruling Saiguu family, which contained a marriage proposal. Because of the incident with Krusty, Rayneshia's reputation—and thus the Corwen family's—is at stake. If Rayneshia had an affair with Krusty, the Corwen's credibility would be shot, especially since Saraliya and Feynail's first daughter, Risselthea, did the same thing. Even if they didn't, endangering her own life by putting herself in the hands of a powerful Adventurer reflects badly on her. This puts an enormous pressure on Rayneshia to get married, especially because her debut was delayed for two years.

While Rayneshia first accepts the proposal, she later reverses her stance and rejects the marriage, displeasing her mother greatly. After Rayneshia makes that decision, Saraliya and Serjiad interrogate her for it, and Saraliya especially voices her severe displeasure. However, after Elissa stands up for Rayneshia, and Rayneshia declares her own intentions, Saraliya begrudgingly agrees, on the condition that Krusty returns within a year.


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