Sasameyuki is a Human Summoner-Precant in Silver Sword. On the Abyssal Shaft Raid Party, he is placed in the third party along with their guild master, William Massachusetts.


Sasameyuki has the appearance of an older man with long white hair with a rather grumpy expression.



Round Table Alliance arc

After William rejects his seat in the Round Table Alliance, Sasameyuki and the rest of Silver Sword, plus Tetora, follow him to Susukino.

Gold of the Kunie arc

Sasameyuki joins the Abyssal Shaft Raid Party as a member of the third party. In battle, along with assisting in healing and defense using his summons, he also serves as the raid party's counter to measure the time between skills.[2]

In the battle against Ruseato of Seven Prison, Sasameyuki is caught by surprise when Tarutauruga of Fourth Prison appears and is crushed by the raid boss' club, attracting the attention of the other members before they, too, are wiped out by the combined force of three raid bosses.[3]



  • Sasameyuki can be seen in the light novel illustration, opening, and one shot in episode 3 holding a Carbuncle in his hand.



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