I'll fight for my friends who believe in me!
—Seine, profile

Seine is a Wolf Fang Swashbuckler-Border Patrol from the Log Horizon TRPG replay novels and is role-played by Ayasato Keiji.

She makes an appearance in the Log Horizon 2 anime along with the other members of Nyanko-tei, and participates in Operation Capture as a member of the Akiba Raid Party.


Seine has long, thick black hair and gold eyes. She wears a black shirt, green shorts, long black stockings, and boots. Her pajamas include a green sleeveless top.

Despite being a Wolf Fang, she has elfish ears instead of the race's typical wolf-like (or otherwise furry).


Seine is the surly but good-hearted type that brandishes her swords for the sake of another and at any obstruction in the way, and is the kind that acts before she talks.


Fallen Guardian arc

Seine and the other members of Nyanko-tei can be seen enjoying the festivities of the Pumpkin Festival, and are also seen fighting monsters, where she draws her sword to kill some monsters with Wolf supporting her.[2]

Seine in the anime, joining the training sessions

Later, when the Akiba Raid Party is recruiting members, Shironiji drags her along to join in, mentioning that Michitaka had told them about it. Seine demonstrates her accuracy by hitting the targets perfectly, causing her to blush and insist that it wasn't anything special when everyone else applauds her.[3]

When Operation Capture begins, Seine is on Team E with Yuzuko. After Yuzuko uses a Salamander to hit Enbart Nelles, Seine jumps down, using Viper's Thrash and Bloody Piercing to slow him down. She isn't seen again until Akatsuki destroys Byakamaru, which Seine is present to witness. With the murderer defeated and the cursed sword destroyed, other members of Nyanko-tei appear to celebrate their victory.

Seine with the others at the pajama party

In the after-party, Seine is dressed in her pajamas like the other raid party members, where she gushes over the fact that she had never been to a pajama party before.[4]

Noosphere arc

Along with the other members of Nyanko-tei, Seine aids in the fight against Baglius.

Other Media

TRPG Replay 1

When her party arrives in Akiba, they form the guild Nyanko-tei with Seine as the guildmaster.


  • Pendant
  • Sharp Saber
  • Martial Arts Dress


Seine's Wolf Fang ears in the OP's animation draft

  • Seine shares a voice actress with Chika.
  • In the Log Horizon 2 opening animation rough drafts, Seine's ears appear more wolf-like.[5] However, they were changed to become more elfish to match her official art in the LHTRPG. (Her race is still listed as Wolf Fang in Log Horizon Complete Settings Book 2015.)


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