Shibuya (シブヤ) is one of the five main cities (五大都市 go daitoshi) on the Yamato server.  The others are Akiba, Minami, Susukino, and Nakasu.[1]


Shibuya is the newest of the five cities on the Japanese server and was created with the intention of dispersing some of the players in Akiba. As a result, Shibya lacks a Guild Meeting Hall, Bank, and Market, as guilds use the facilities of the other four cities instead. Heavily dependent on the transport gates, the city was essentially paralyzed after the Catastrophe. Many of the Adventurers based there left for Akiba, and very few remain.[2]

Players generally have to pass through seven or eight zones to travel from Akiba to Shibya.  The shortest route traverses four zone, but the way is arduous.[3]


Homesteading the Noosphere arc

Around the first year anniversary of the Catastrophe, the Town of Shibuya transforms from a player city into a full raid zone filled with high-level raid monsters that seem to have somehow originated from the Moon.

The most notable of these are the Moonlight Moths. They take over the old NHK communications tower zone, which has become a massive raid dungeon zone called the Fort of Calling (Calling Fortress).

These Moths spawn by the hundreds of thousands and spread all across the Yamato Server. Their sparking dust puts all the people of the land and eventually also adventurers into a deep sleep from which they are unable to wake. Shiroe organizes the Shibuya Raid Party, plus Li Gan, to clear the communications tower dungeon.

However, Shiroe is conflicted about whether it is better for the adventurers to attempt to return home or protect their new home—the NHK building houses the only known means to contact the Traveler's race on the moon, and if it is lost, than the only means of getting home might also be lost. His indecision dooms the first raid attempt to failure. Some members fall, and the remainder are forced to retreat.

But Shibuya Raid Team regroups and plan a way to not only destroy the nest but also to save the means to contact the moon. They manage to take down Tacritau, disperse the Eternal Moths, and save the communication tower.



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