The Shibuya Raid Team is an unnamed group that was formed to attempt to contact the Travelers on Mare Tranquillitatis from the communications facility in Shibuya. The twenty-four-man team consist of members of Log Horizon, the Crescent Moon Alliance, D.D.D, and West Wind Brigade.

The Shibuya Raid Team can be seen at the end of the second OP sequence, staring at the NHK Building in Shibuya which serves as the communications facility in Elder Tale lore.


Shibuya raid

The Shibuya Raid Team in the second opening

The members of the team are either from Log Horizon or have relatively strong ties to members in the guild; West Wind Brigade has ties via the former Debauchery Tea Party members, while almost all the female members also participated in Operation Capture.


Name Rank Party Class Guild
Shiroe Leader 1 Enchanter Log Horizon
Akatsuki Member 1 Assassin Log Horizon
Naotsugu Member 1 Guardian Log Horizon
Nyanta Member 2 Swashbuckler Log Horizon
Touya Member 3 Samurai Log Horizon
Minori Member 3 Kannagi Log Horizon
Isuzu Member 4 Bard Log Horizon
Rundelhaus Code Member 4 Sorcerer Log Horizon
Tetora Member 1 Cleric Log Horizon
Henrietta Member 2 Bard Crescent Moon Alliance
Hien Member 4 Assassin Crescent Moon Alliance
Marielle Member 1 Cleric Crescent Moon Alliance
Serara Member 2 Druid Crescent Moon Alliance
Shouryuu Member 4 Swashbuckler Crescent Moon Alliance
Kozaru Member 2 Assassin D.D.D
Kushiyatama Member 1 Kannagi D.D.D
Richou Member 3 Monk D.D.D
Rieze Member 3 Sorcerer D.D.D
Yuzuko Member 3 Summoner D.D.D
Fragrant Olive Member 3 Druid West Wind Brigade
Isami Member 4 Samurai West Wind Brigade
Kurinon Member 4 Cleric West Wind Brigade
Nazuna Member 2 Kannagi West Wind Brigade
Soujiro Seta Member 2 Samurai West Wind Brigade


  • Details from the animation storyboards in the first boxed DVD reveal that the animation team unofficially named them the 'Shibuya Raid Team,' and that they would be in the last two episodes of the season.
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