Shigeru is a Human Samurai and serves as one of the advisers in Honesty. He helps out at the Summer Training Camp and is part of the Choushi defense force when the Return of the Goblin King event occurs.


Shigeru wears a white oriental robe or kimono with a red and gold trim, a black belt with a gold buckle or ornament around his waist, and armor on his legs and forearms. He has tanned skin and short silver hair.


In Log Horizon: West Wind Brigade, Shigeru has been depicted as being a bit presumptuous, immediately questioning Kawara whether she had any experience teaching and being annoyed that she didn't. However, when she proves that she truly has the kids' best interests in mind, he comes to respect her more.


Prior to the Catastrophe

Shigeru was a university professor specializing in cultural anthropology.

Summer Training arc

Shigeru is one of Honesty's representatives for the Summer Training Camp, working closely with Shouryuu and Kawara. When the Sahuagin attack the beach, he works together with the other representatives present, sans Marielle, to buy time for the kids to escape. They themselves manage to fend off the monsters and escape, rejoining the main group at the school.

Other Media

Log Horizon: West Wind Brigade

When Shigeru finds that Kawara is among those assigned to the Summer Training Camp, he is exasperated by her lack of teaching experience and happy-go-lucky, irresponsible attitude. However, he comes to acknowledge her as she helps the kids overcome their fears.

Log Horizon: New Adventure Land

Shigeru is a recruitable character in the mobile game.




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