Shiroe's Party is an unnamed group in Elder Tale that formed after the Catastrophe. Most of its members, with the exception of Serara, would become the founding members of Log Horizon.


This party was formed right after the Catastrophe by Enchanter Shiroe, Guardian Naotsugu and Assassin Akatsuki to fend for themselves after they refused to join the Crescent Moon Alliance. Despite difficulties, the trio managed to defeat a pack of Brier Weasels and a PKing party outside Akiba.

Later, they took on a quest to retrieve and rescue one of Crescent Moon's member Druid Serara from the Susukino-based Brigandia, led by the notorious Monk Demiqas. They managed to get there by griffins, passed through the Depths of Palm and were joined by the Swashbuckler Nyanta, a former member of the Debauchery Tea Party that Shiroe and Naotsugu were part of. They ultimately defeated the PK Guild and its leader and managed to returned home to Akiba safely.

The party soon disbanded upon the founding of Log Horizon, and Serara returned to her guild.


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