Shopping District 8 (Shopping Street 8 in Crunchyroll's translation) is a major production guild in Elder Tale.


Started as a chatting guild then transformed into a production guild, 8th Shopping Street is the third-largest production guild in Akiba. Its name is a reference to how the most prosperous time to do business, prior to the Catastrophe, was after 8 PM.

After the Catastrophe, Shopping District 8 continued with its normal operations, but became extremely interested in the Crescent Moon Refreshment Stand and its ability to make food with actual taste. After some negotiations with Henrietta, Shopping District 8, along with the Marine Organization and the Roderick Firm, agreed to fund their project. After being given the secret "recipe" by Shiroe, the three guilds worked together and succeeded in creating a Steam Engine, thereby setting off an industrial and economic revolution in Akiba.

Around a year after the Catastrophe, they have begun expanding their merchant centers outside of Akiba and into Maihama.


Name Rank Class Status
Calasin Guild Master Summoner Active
Taro Adjutant Druid Active
Endou Akiba Member Summoner Active
Tomokazu Member Cleric Active


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