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Shouryuu (also spelled Shoryu) is a level 90 Wolf Fang Swashbuckler-Wuxia. Although he is young, he is one of the top members of Crescent Moon Alliance and acts as its Battle Team leader. He participates in fighting, hunting and ingredient-gathering.[3]

In the real world, he is a second year high-school student called Shousuke (章介).


In the game, Shouryuu has spiky shoulder-length navy blue hair that covers his ears. As a Wolf Fang, he usually has his ears hidden, although they pop up when he is surprised or angry. He wears a light blue headband with yellow Ainu patterns, light blue long sleeved shirt, yellow and gray armor breastplate and metal boots. His swords are attached on his back.


Shouryuu is rather straight-laced and serious, which makes him butt heads with Hien quite a bit. He looks up to veteran players like Naotsugu... even if, much to his dismay, he discovers that Naotsugu can't resist talking about panties at every opportunity. However, his confidence in Naotsugu is (at least partially) restored after Naotsugu's motivational speech.[4]

He harbors a crush for Marielle, but seems to be aware that he has no chance and that she is more interested in Naotsugu romantically.


The Catastrophe arc

Round Table Alliance arc

Return of the Goblin King arc

Shouryuu is away from the beach, where the low-level players are, when Marielle calls him with urgent news—Sahuagin were attacking the beach. He, Kawara, and Shigeru rush to the beach, where the witness thousands of the monsters leaping onto the beach. They quickly take action, with Shouryuu protecting Marielle when some of them surround her.

As Marielle retreats with the beginner players, Shouryuu stays behind with the other trainers to fight off the hordes of Sahuagin. They manage to do so, and regroup with the rest at the school they were staying at. When Touya's Party decides to fight the Goblins, he tries deterring them, to no avail. He then is in the group of himself, Naotsugu, Nyanta, and Rezarick that goes to check up on the kids.

After arriving in Choushi, they have a small moment of respite before having to take on the Sahuagin hordes again. As his team switches out with Touya's, he gives Naotsugu an MP-restoring potion (in the light novel, Rezarick is the one who gives it to Naotsugu).

Libra Festival arc

Noosphere arc

Shouryuu participates in the Shibuya Raid Team as one of the Crescent Moon Alliance's members, along with Marielle, Henrietta, Hien, and Serara.

Other Media

Honey Moon Logs

Shouryuu is one of the main characters in Honey Moon Logs.

Log Horizon: New Adventure Land

Main article: Shouryuu/SNG

Shouryuu has two recruitable forms in the mobile game: a Super Rare version obtainable by drawing his special weapon, and an Ultra Rare version who is currently an event reward.


Shoryu's item 1 Thunder Claw, Wind-Fang: Straight swords specifically for Swashbucklers. They're technically two items, but since there's a set bonus, many users equip both at once. If a Wolf Fang equips them, an extra effect is added that raises the amount of damage inflicted by critical hits.[1]
Shoryu's item 2 Gallant's Leather Armor: Production-class armor that emphasizes physical defense capabilities. As a result, its ability to resist special abilities and all types of attribute attacks is rather low. It requires leather from a flying dragon, obtained on a quest, but the difficulty isn't that high, so it's easy to get.[1]
Shoryu's item 3 Milk Wolf's Necklace: An imperial jade necklace. The larger jewel in the center is carved with the image of a legendary she-wolf said to have suckled infants who were abandoned in the wilderness. It also gives a bonus to items that recover food for all members of a party.[1]


  • When the Sahuagin attack the beach, Shouryuu had been training a Kannagi in a one-on-one battle in the light novel. After Marielle calls him, he uses a war horse to quickly arrive at the scene and immediately goes into battle against the Sahuagin.
  • In episode 19, he gives Naotsugu a mana recovery potion. In the light novel, it was Rezarick who gave it to Naotsugu.
  • His name is translated as 'Koryu' in the Yen Press translation of the first volume. Although it is possible for 小竜 to be translated as Koryu, Shouryuu is the more typical reading and is the one that is used in the anime. In the second volume, it was fixed to "Shouryuu."


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