Skills are found in almost all types of RPGS, and are used in Elder Tale. Skills are special techniques that Adventurers, Monsters, and some People of the Land can use, oftentimes requiring the usage of Mana Points (MP).

For Adventurers, skills can be obtained from the player's Class, Class Type, Subclass, Race, and the Common pool. Some rare abilities can be found from quests or special items. All skills are acquired at the "Comprehension" level, and can then be ranked up from there.


There are two ways of obtaining skills: through automatic acquisition or additional acquisition. The automatic acquisition list contains skills that a player automatically learns after reaching a certain level. The additional acquisition list has two types of skills: some are new skills that can be obtained by paying Mastery Points, others are higher ranks of automatically-acquired skills. After acquiring a skill, it appears on the Skill menu as <Technique: XXXXXX / Acquisition situation: Comprehension>.

Mastery points can be obtained by leveling up, or as rewards from certain quests. Although enough mastery points are supplied so that any player can rank up Comprehension-rank skills to the Beginner level, there aren't enough for a person to get every skill to the Secret level. Furthermore, only a certain number of levels can be raised every ten levels.

Skill Ranks

The basic progression goes from Comprehension → Beginner → Intermediate → Hidden → Secret. They are all named after skill grades in martial arts.

Comprehension (会得) → Beginner (初伝)

Improvement only with 1 mastery point is possible. Enough mastery points are provided to raise all automatic acquisition techniques to Beginner.

Beginner → Intermediate (中伝)

Requires the usage of an Intermediate Scroll, which is created by players of a high level or purchased from NPCs, in order for it to be registered to the additional acquisition list. The cost of the scroll is not that high, so it is practical for everyone to get. Most casual players stop at this level.

Intermediate → Hidden (奥伝)

Requires usage of Hidden Scroll in order for it to be registered to the list, obtained as rare drops and from quests that are of high difficulty. Requires a large amount of mastery points, but the ability of the technique is boosted by a large percentage, so it is not unusual. Generally speaking, members of small-to-mid-sized guilds will get to this level. You can buy this from other players, but it is somewhat costly.

Hidden → Secret (秘伝)

Can be obtained from quests that involve mainly large-scale battles (raids). It's not rare for large sized guilds to have these techniques, but it is very rare for smaller guilds. It is impossible to have every skill at Secret due to limitation of Mastery Points.

Overskills (口伝)

Not part of the typical Skill Rank progression, Overskills appeared after the Catastrophe and is defined as a Skill or a usage of a Skill that did not and could not exist in the game world.

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