Stroganopp is a Human Druid-Carpenter and one of the players trapped in Elder Tale and a member of Smash's PK party.


The Catastrophe

After being trapped in the MMORPG Elder Tale, Stroganopp forms a party with Rikopin, Smash, Katsuomaru and two others, and the group decides to ambush players outside of Akihabara for items and money.[1] Among their victims are Minori and Touya, who end up joining Hamelin as a result.

At one time, the group ambushes Enchanter Shiroe and Guardian Naotsugu. Confident in their ability to win, the group engages the duo in battle. However, Stroganopp is put to sleep by Shiroe's Astral Hypnos spell, which makes him unable to heal his party members and ultimately leads to their defeat.[2]

Round Table Alliance arc

Log Horizon 06 - No hunting for you

Stroganopp and his friends are denied hunting grounds.

After Shiroe returns from Susukino, Marielle fills him in on Akiba's current situation. When she tells him about how the city saw a decrease in PKing due to the large guilds asserting their power, the members of Dread Pack are seen moping at a table. Later, when she talks about the battle guilds dividing up the best hunting grounds for themselves, Silver Sword's Pororoca is seen waving away Dread Pack.


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