Suikazura is a Wolf Fang Guardian-Survivor in the MMORPG Elder Tale.[1][2] She was also a former member of the now-disbanded Debauchery Tea Party, and presumably left Elder Tale after its disbandment, as she was not trapped by the Catastrophe.

She was buxom, wore her chestnut-colored hair in a housewife's ponytail, donned crimson-red armor, and used a Sky Piercer as her weapon. When she rode a horse, she used an exclusive harness. During her time in the Debauchery Tea Party, she was also a member of a guild called Lucky Star.[1] She is the "strongest housewife" who, while usually amiable, is merciless in battle.[2]

In volume 9's relationship chart for the Tea Party's members, Suikazura commented that Nazuna had large breasts (perhaps commenting on her real-life appearance; although ironically, it's Suikazura who was nicknamed for her breast size), and sees KR as an idiot.

In real life, she was a housewife and was rather fond of beer; during the Tea Party's offline gatherings, she rarely says anything, instead just chugging beer while watching the others. Because of her participation in said meetings, it is likely that she lived in the Tokyo area.[3]


  • In Suikazura's nickname, Big Sis Suika (スイカ姉さん, Suika nee-san), スイカ is the katakana spelling for the first part of her username. However, スイカ is most commonly used to talk about watermelons. As a result, another reading of the nickname is Watermelon nee-san, in reference to her large breasts.


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