Summoner is one of the classes that can be selected in Elder Tale. It is one of two classes that have no regional variant on any server, alongside Guardian.


Summoners have the magic that allows them to summon mystical beasts or spirits. There are over 100 different types of creatures that can be summoned. To prevent the class from being almighty and game-breaking, the maximum number of summoned creatures (which will stay out until called back) that a player can summon at any moment is one, and the maximum number of summoned creatures that can be registered is twelve.

Some high-level beasts can only be summoned at special locations after completing their specific quests. While the number of summoned creatures out at any moment is one, there are limited-time summons of which there can be infinite amounts of, so long as the caster's MP allows for it.

Due to game-balancing issues, summoned creatures only have a third of the strength of a Normal-ranked monster. However, releasing the contract will return the creature to its original strength, as seen with the Garnet Dragon.

Summoners themselves have extremely low HP and defense stats. However, due to the wide variety of creatures that can be summoned and the ways these creatures can interact with other beings and the environment, a Summoner's role within a party can include offense, healing, or support.  This inherent flexibility makes it an extremely popular class among players, including solo players.[1]

Sample Builds

Summoners can generally be categorized into four sub-specialties: Elementalists, Necromancers, Alchemics, and Beast Tamers.[1][2]


Specializes in summoning elemental spirits such as Salamanders and Undines. The summoned spirit uses Elemental Bolt automatically, while powerful magical attacks Elemental Ray and Elemental Blast are available for use at command.

The charm of this build is that it almost matches up to the magical offensive abilities of a Sorcerer. Attacking with elemental advantage against the enemy is a fundamental strategy of magic attacks, so Elementalers can quickly switch to the appropriate elemental spirit.

After the Catastrophe, it has become apparent that they have mundane versatility as well, because spirits can supply things like water and fire (for heat). Demand for Summoners are increasing due to this.

Azalea uses this build.


Summons undead monsters such as skeletons and phantoms. Death Scythe is an aggressive physical attack, and Graveyard Walk allows you to direct the undead to concentrate on one enemy. It is also good at confusing the enemy and for hiding someone.

Although the image of a Necromancer is one of a "villain" that manipulates corpses, this build is popular from the era the act of subduing your enemies and making them your army was cool. While some will acquire the Necromancer subclass for its extra perks, there is no direct relation between the build and the subclass.

After the Catastrophe, there are many Necromancers who can't summon their servants due to their grotesque appearances and difficulty in communicating with them.[2]

Roe2 and Yomi mainly use(d) this build.


Also called Puppet Master.

Summons alchemized constructs such as golems and slimes. They have excellent durability in general, so these servants make good walls to block enemy attacks. Protective skills like Guardian Fist which can protect an ally from damage, and Scapedoll which allows the summon to take some of the damage in your place, are available for use.

When the party's advanced guard is insufficient, or in solo play, Alchemics are the most useful. Golems are high in demand because it has high defense and durability compared to the others. Summoners are often seen hiding behind Golems while casting magic.

Hisako uses this build.

Beast Tamer

Summons magic beasts such as carbuncles and unicorns. Not only do they excel at healing using Phantasmal Heal to help, the high speed movement magic Phantasmal Ride lets you ride on the back of the phantom beast. There are many Summoners who use a whip as their weapon to fit the image of a tamer.

Healers are in high demand and sometimes healers go missing in impromptu parties. At these times the Beast Tamer steps in. Of course, even in a party with a healer, it can be of significant help as a sub-healer.

Sasameyuki uses this build.

Known Summoners

Known Skills

For general information about how skills work in Elder Tale, see the Skills page. For a list of entities that can be summoned, see the Summoned Servants section below.

There are several types of summoning spells: Servant Summoning (従者召喚), Combat Skill Summoning (戦技召喚, also known as Summon Attacker), and Magic Summoning (方術召喚).

The distinction between them is not entirely clear, but it seems that servants can be controlled directly as well as summoned for non-combat purposes (which is extremely handy after the Catastrophe), whereas Combat Skill Summons are only used in battle and cannot be controlled. Magic Summoning varies between summons that can only be used for non-combat purposes, and for mounts that can be ridden into battle.

The summon lists are not comprehensive.

Controlling Summons

Skill Name Effect [1]
Attack Command
Give detailed instructions and motivating words to your summoned servant, increasing their auto attack damage. Effect increases with level.
Call Servant
Quickly replaces your currently-summoned servant with another. Useful for adjusting during battles.
Allows the summoner to switch places with a summoned servant. It can be used to avoid a fatal attack (at the cost of the servant), or with Soul Possession to cross difficult terrain.
Covert Walk
[Alchemized Construct] [Undead] If an Alchemized Creature or Undead is summoned, this skill allows you to move past enemies undetected. Each summon has its own way of helping you achieve this.
Death Scythe
[Undead] [Attack] Command your summoned servant to swing down a massive scythe down on the target. It deals physical damage and has to be commanded to activate. This attack inflicts extra damage when ambushing the enemy or attacking from behind. There are quite a few players who build around maximizing Death Scythe's damage.
Elemental Blast
[Elemental Spirit] [Attack] A single-target magic attack automatically used by your elemental spirit upon summoning. Shoots magic bullets depending on the summon's element (fire bullets, streams of water, etc). Also inflicts certain debuffs upon hit, like Burn for Salamander (Fire) and Slowed/Freeze for Undine (Water). This is an elemental spirit's default skill, but can be switched to at any time by the Summoner.
Elemental Bolt
[Elemental Spirit] [Attack] Your summoned servant attacks the target with elemental magic arrows fired at a regular interval. Since it's an auto attack, its damage isn't all that great, but the fact that it doesn't cost MP makes it useful. Damage increases with skill level.
Elemental Ray
[Elemental Spirit] [Attack] Order your summoned servant to shoot an elemental beam at an area, damaging all enemies in its path. Unlike Elemental Blast and Elemental Bolt, you have to command your servant to perform this action every time. There is a bit of lag between issuing the command and the servant performing the action, which many players see as an equivalent to "cast time" for spells.
Graveyard Walk
[Undead] [Attack] Concentrate all of your undead creatures on a target. They have relatively low accuracy but high damage, making a Necromancer build's damage output about equal to a Sorcerer's.
Guardian Fist
[Alchemized Construct] [Attack] Your alchemized creature unleashes a physical attack on the target, then stands between the target and the caster for 14 seconds and reduces damage taken by allies behind it. Normally, this attack has a fixed % chance to activate, but Summoners can also order it to perform this attack with very little delay. Many Summoners use this to defend against a big attack.

Before the Catastrophe, a common complaint was that the creatures would block your line of sight. Since then, however, riding on your golem's shoulder and such has become popular. When using this skill with a slime, it will take on the appearance of a weapon or a body part (like a fist) before bashing the enemy, which a lot of Alchemics take great fun in.
Hunting Dance
[Magical Beast] [Attack Support] Enhance your summoned servant's with your magical power, boosting their physical damage by your magical attack power.
Phantasmal Heal
[Magical Beast] [Recovery] Command your summoned servant to heal the target. Each servant plays a unique animation (unicorns neigh, carbuncles spin in place, etc) before a glimmering star envelops the target. The strength of its heal isn't as much as a Recovery-class player's, but it helps relieve their burden. Depending on the servant, they may also grant a temporary buff after healing.
Phantasmal Ride
[Magical Beast] [Movement] Allows you to ride on the back of your summoned servant. It is a bit like a mount summoning flute that all players can use, but specialized for Summoners. That said, this skill only works on roughly half the available phantom beasts and is not very versatile. Notably, this skill is learned via the summon's contract quest rather than by leveling up, so being able to ride a summon is rarer for some than it is for others.
[Alchemized Construct] [Defense] Summon an alchemized creature to protect the target. Half of the taken will be redirected to the caster, while the rest is absorbed by the summon.
Servant Assist
Allows your servant to assist with various tasks. The tasks they can help with vary by summon.
Servant Combination
Unleash a combined attack with your summoned servant.
Soul Possession
Allows the caster to use their summoned servant as a vessel, while the caster's body can be controlled by simple commands. One of its primary uses is acting as a scout while keeping the caster in relative safety. However, it takes a rather long time to cast this spell and release it, so it's not very handy in an emergency. After the Catastrophe, its broadened possibilities has brought back interest.
Summoner's Whip
Crack a whip on your summoned servant, increasing their auto attack rate. There are several skills that boost a servant's attack specs that can be stacked together. After the Catastrophe, there has been debate on the acceptable bounds of using this skill; things like "Undine's too cute to whip!" get brought up quite a bit.
Trample Command
Order your summoned servant to trample all enemies horizontally and vertically from a point. The deeper the bond with your servant, the more damage that will be dealt.

Servant Summoning

Name Type Description [1]
(Heavenly Winter Robe) [22]
Elemental Spirit An high-level Ice elemental summon. Its powers can be used to refrigerate things.
Carbuncle [23] Magical Beast A small, fluffy creature. It has low durability and offensively, it is only capable of firing weak rays of light from its forehead crystal. Its value lies in supplying damage-absorbing barriers to protect party members. Its barriers will not stack with a Kannagi's so the two are rarely paired together, but it is effective at mitigating damage with Clerics and Druids.
Dragon Boardfly [24]  ? A dragonfly with a flat body like a board. Up to four people can ride on its back, but it can only fly five meters above the ground and is rather fragile.
Garnet Dragon  ? Originally a level 90 raid-rank monster. Under a summon contract, it loses its dragon breath abilities and shrinks to a mere 2 meters long. After the Catastrophe, KR used Crimson Contract to bypass this limitation.
Golem [25] Alchemized Construct A humanoid construct. It moves slowly, but deals large damage if its attacks hit their mark. Allies nearby are also protected from attacks if they stick near it. Upon summoning a golem, it will strike a pose before moving towards the enemy. As your level increases, the golem will be constructed of increasingly sturdier material (clay → stone → iron) and its durability will increase. After the Catastrophe, it is often summoned to help with construction and engineering projects.
(Bai Ze) [19]
Magical Beast A kind of mythical beast that resembles a white horse. A holy beast that understands human speech and is familiar with all things.
Kikimora [26] Magical Beast Specializes in healing spells.
Lumiere [27] Elemental Spirit A type of Light spirit that can be used to illuminate areas. It looks much like a Magic Light, which is available to all Magic classes, but is exclusive to Summoners.
Pale Horse [28] Undead An undead beast whose pale skin looks like all blood had been sucked out of it. Its body is covered in a pale flame that, at higher levels, burns enemies that approach it. While riding it, both horse and rider can pass through walls and disappear in the blink of an eye.
Phantom [29] Undead A semi-transparent ghost that has low attack power, but high evasion and magical resistance. When summoned, it draws attention away from the caster, so many Summoners use them to distract the enemy while preparing a large spell. At higher levels, this effect will also apply to other allies. While its appearance isn't particularly scary, some people disliked the fact that it was a ghost, so an item to make it into a "cuter" version was released.
Salamander [30][31] Elemental Spirit A reptilian fire spirit that attacks enemies with fiery breath and flame-wreathed claws. At higher levels, its damage and attack rate increases. Despite their appearance, they are one of the easiest creatures to tame and control. However, they aren't very durable. After the Catastrophe, it is often used as a source of fire and heat.
Skeleton [32] Undead A skeleton soldier emerges from the ground with rusted and worn equipment to attack the enemy. It seems that there's no problem summoning skeletons, regardless of the terrain. While skeletons have low durability, a new one will appear every time one gets defeated. Raising its skill level gives the soldier better (but still rusted) equipment.
Siren [33][34] Elemental Spirit A Wind elemental, a beautiful woman with long flowing hair and wings, donning a toga that always flutters in the wind.
Slime [35] Alchemized Construct An amorphous creature that can change shape to suit the situation and interferes with enemy attacks by sticking to them and spraying acidic liquid on them. When summoned, it will drop down from thin air. Originally, slimes weren't very popular due to their amoeba-like appearance. However, a cuter version with eyes and mouth was added, prompting responses like "It's so wiggly and wonderful!" "Cuuuute!" Since then, its popularity has shot up, and many Summoners can be seen using this kind of slime. There are still some diehard purists who insist that the original slimes are the "real deal."
Undine Elemental Spirit A spirit of water that attacks with streams of water or frigid wind. Its damage is merely average but it's sturdier than a Salamander, making it a more popular option for solo players. After the Catastrophe, it is often summoned as an easy supply of fresh water.
Unicorn [36] Magical Beast A unicorn will appear and attack enemies by charging at it with its horn or by kicking them with its hooves. If an ally's HP drops below a certain threshold, it will automatically heal them. At higher levels, it can also remove debuffs and revive allies, making it useful as a psuedo-healer even if its healing isn't as strong as a dedicated healer's.

According to legend, unicorns can only be approached by pure maidens. However, in post-Catastrophe Theldesia, this does not seem to hold true.
Zombie Bat [37] Undead A large, grotesque bat with a skull for a head. There are tears in its wings, but it doesn't seem to interfere with its ability to fly. It attacks by spewing corrosive, sludgy acid from its mouth. If its HP falls to zero, it bursts acid, damaging enemies around it. Before the Catastrophe, its flying abilities and night vision made it a popular choice for Summoners, but nowadays it's become shunned for its appearance and the foul stench it emits.

Combat Skill Summoning

Name Description [1]
Al Quinje A woman whose expression is masked by a veil and uses a harp. It seems to be tied to the Ruquinjé. Currently, only Roe2 is known to be able to summon it.
An attack summon that curses the opponent with visions of death. It is possible to instantly kill low-level enemies with it.
Deadly Swarm [39] A swarm of poisonous winged insects the size of an ant attack the target.
Hammer Maiden A variation of Sword Princess.
Lance Dísir [40] A version of Sword Princess. Throws a lance that splits into 7.
Princess Wraith
Medusa [41] Summons the enchantress Medusa with snake for hair. Can petrify enemies in its line of sight.
Phoenix [42] A high-rank fiery spirit that takes the form of a bird. It is a difficult summon to contract with, requiring a minimum player rank of 86 and completing a challenging quest.
Samurai Girl A variation of Sword Princess.
Slinger Kunoichi A variation of Sword Princess.
Sword Prince A male variant of Sword Princess.
Not to be mistaken for the god that watches over Elias Hackblade, also known as the Sword Prince.
Sword Princess
A weapon spirit that dwells in the sword of a brave hero. Equipped with a knight's sword and donning armor over an elegant dress, this beautiful maiden looks like a warrior princess. She will equip more ornate and intricate items as her level is raised, but there are some diehard fans of the base design who refuse to level her up so her appearance won't change.

There are many variations of this summon, such as Hammer Maiden, Samurai Girl, Slinger Kunoichi, Lance Dísir, and Whip Queen.
Whip Queen A variation of Sword Princess.

Magic Summoning

Name Description [1]
Brownie [44] A small fairy that likes cleaning and helping with chores. Increases item creation success rate, speed, and amount. Also repairs tools while you're asleep. Raising its level increases the size of Brownie's family, who also help out.
Crew Rat [33][45] A small white mouse with red eyes; a Level 3 monster and event creature. It has no combat ability, and instead randomly performs actions such as "make the Summoner's next attack crit" and "remove a debuff on the caster" at a certain % chance. Leveling it up raises the activation %. Overall, it's not a terribly useful summon, but its cute appearance has won many fans.
Gremlin [46] Summon a mischievous gremlin to investigate the mechanism before you. They're very clever, and they'll figure out how it works in no time.
Nightmare [47] Ride a shadowy visage of a Nightmare into battle. It will nullify magic attacks aimed at you.
Unicorn [48] Summon a white unicorn that you ride into battle. Reduces damage taken and allows you to use the Trample Command skill.


  • The following summons are listed on atwiki with no description:
    • Arachne
    • Basilisk
    • Discovery Corps
    • Thunder Phoenix
  • In Volume 9, KR is mentioned with a skill called Dragon's Eye, by which Gar-gar was able to look in on his interactions with Kanami's Party. Whether this is a Summoner skill or some other skill is currently unknown. (It is, at least, not explicitly listed as a Summoner skill.)


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