Susukino is one of the five main cities (五大都市 go daitoshi) on the Japanese server of Elder Tale. The others are Akiba, Minami, Shibuya, and Nakasu.[1] Immediately after the Catastrophe, it was taken over by notorious Player Killing guild Brigandia. Some time later, Brigandia was ousted and replaced by Silver Sword.


Susukino is an Adventurer City located in the Ezzo Empire. Before the Catastrophe, it was also the capital of the Ezzo Empire and housed its royal family. The royal family was situated in the first of Susukino's two zones, the ruins of a castle. The Adventurers resided in the second zone, the urban area.

After the Catastrophe, Susukino became a lawless city run by the guild Brigandia. However, after Demiqas's defeat, the city fell further into more lawlessness. Most of those who wished to leave the city were assisted by expedition teams led by Isaac, sent by the Round Table Alliance. On the other hand, some players from Akiba and Minami willingly went to Susukino because of the challenges it posed.

Sometime after the formation of the Round Table Alliance, the self-exiled Silver Sword made an expedition to Susukino and wrestled control of Susukino away from Brigandia through a duel between Demiqas and William Massachusetts, the Guild Masters of their respective guilds. The guild's new presence brought back stability and peace to both the People of the Earth and remaining Adventurers that still lived there. Most of Brigandia's members left, although Demiqas himself decided to reform himself and stay. Shiroe, when he returns to Susukino to request William's assistance, notes how the atmosphere of the city had changed.

Giants occasionally spawn outside the city walls and attempt to break through, so Silver Sword usually fends them off as a routine.

Like the other cities in Yamato (aside from Shibuya, which was wholly transformed into a raid dungeon), Susukino came under attack by the Eternal Moths. Silver Sword and Brigandia worked in fending them off, while Upashi was leading other Earthlings to safety.


  • Susukino is named after the red light district district of the Japanese city of Sapporo in Hokkaido Prefecture.


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