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Takayama Misa is a level 90 Bard-Master Swordsman[1] and is one of the Drei Klauen in D.D.D, the biggest battle guild in Akiba. She has two Overskills, Hermes Link and Guardian Wolf.

In real life, she is a kindergarten teacher; her real name is the same as her in-game name, with the same pronunciation (although technically, it's Misa Takayama, since Japanese naming places the family name first).[4]


Misa wears the typical D.D.D-style uniform, with her Drei Klauen color being blue (as opposed to Rieze's red and Kushiyatama's green). In battle, she wears a breastplate and pauldrons instead of her usual jacket, a detail that is omitted in the anime.


From her interactions with Krusty and other members in her guild, she seems to be the "mother" of the guild, scolding members and even the guild master whenever they goof off or get lazy.


Before the Catastrophe

Misa was a kindergarten teacher, and ran her classroom like a military sergeant. It apparently made her quite popular with the kids.

The Catastrophe arc

Misa reports to Krusty about happenings in Akiba, mentioning Marielle's meeting with Akaneya Ichimonjinosuke, Woodstock W, and other smaller guilds' guild masters. She then piques his interest by reporting that Shiroe, Naotsugu, and Akatsuki had gone to Susukino.[5]

Round Table Alliance arc

Misa is shown alongside Krusty when Marielle and Shiroe discuss the current situation in Akiba.[6]

After Krusty receives the invitation to attend the Round Table Conference, she confirms with him that their next raid was canceled due to overlapping schedules. He then tells her that he was less interested in the conference itself than in Shiroe, who was one of the organizers.[7]

Misa and Rieze accompany Krusty to the Round Table Conference and watch as the events unfold.[8] After the conclusion of the conference, Misa observes one of the Eastal scouts that was watching their guild hall and asks Krusty if a war with the People of the Earth was possible.[9]

Misa attends the ball held by the Eastal nobles and dresses up for the event like the other representatives of the Round Table Council, as she accompanies Krusty.[10]

Return of the Goblin King arc

After Krusty, Raynesia, Shiroe, and Akatsuki returned to Akiba by Griffin, Misa implicitly rode her own back to Akiba to prepare for the journey on the Ocypete, as she is seen on the ship as it prepares to head out.

Fallen Guardian arc

Misa with her artificial hand after losing her real one

Along with members of D.D.D. and the Black Sword Knights, Misa goes to finish the Return of the Goblin King quest by eliminating the Goblin King. However, during that time, the flavor text on her scythe ends up becoming real, and during the events that unfold because of it, she ends up losing her right arm as Krusty vanishes after trying to save her.[11]

Upon returning to Akiba, her right hand never grew back, causing her to get an artificial one.[12] Afterwards, she disappears from the guild for a while, leaving Rieze with the task of looking after the guild.

The events of the Krusty, Tycoon Lord and Homesteading the Noosphere arcs would reveal that Misa's severed arm was still with Krusty in the Zhongyuan server.

Collapse of the Round Table arc

By the time of this arc, Misa and Rieze have succeeded in contacting Krusty on the Zhongyuan server. When Raynesia is wavering over her pending marriage to Touri of the Saiguu Family, Rieze and Krusty pass her a message from Krusty: "If you aren't upset when something is taken away, it was never yours to begin with." This advice is decisive in getting Raynesia to break off her engagement and seek her independence from the House of Cowen, thus triggering the Akiba General Election to determine the future of the city.

Misa, along with the rest of D3 Hub, back Raynesia and the New Round Table Council that she stands as the candidate for. During the campaign, Misa is seen using her mechanical arm to arrest Tetora, who was holding an election rally for herself despite not being an authorized candidate[13].

Nightingale's Song arc

When Raynesia declares her plans to cross the sea to bring Krusty back, Misa offers to go with her alongside several other D3-Hub members. [14]

When the Genius Eirenus arrives in Akiba and pulls all the city's Adventurers into a dungeon resembling the city, Misa finds herself at Watermaple Mansion. She notes how odd it is that there are no People of the Earth in sight at all until level 65 monsters attack her. She is able to hold her own until Eirenus uses the Teacher System to reduce high-level Adventurers' levels from anything above 65 to 35, at which point she is quickly overwhelmed and killed.

Upon reviving, she returns to the regular Watermaple Mansion, and notes that the damage the mansion's garden sustained during her battle wasn't present in the regular Akiba. Stuck at Level 35 even after reviving in the real world, she meets with Raynesia and Isaac to get a grasp on what was happening.[15]

Although Misa herself was expelled from the dungeon before the Akiba Guild Hall Raid began, when Eirenus uses its memory attack on the Mofur sisters, a much younger Misa is shown therein, having completed their "Amardole Scale Search" quest years ago.

Other Media

Log Horizon: West Wind Brigade

Misa is alongside Krusty with her weapon in tow when they go to fetch the two new players that the West Wind Brigade were protecting. Upon meeting them, Krusty instantly moves to attack Soujiro, but is blocked. Misa then tells Krusty to stop fooling around. Before they leave, she is seen next to Nazuna, possibly exchanging information.


Misa calamity hurts.gif Calamity Hurts:[カラミティ・ハーツ] Death's great scythe, said to bring about all sorts of disasters with one swing. A vicious weapon with a high critical rate, and an additional effect that allows for multiple attacks. A rare item that's very popular among players, not only for its performance, but also for its ominous yet awe-inspiring design.
Misa dragon horn.gif Dragon Horn:[[赤竜角のタクト]《ドラゴンホーン--》] A baton made from a Red Dragon's horn. A high-level Production-class item for Bards. It increases the effect of support songs used by members of the same raid. Although difficult to use in normal party battles, it shows its true worth in large battles.
Misa silver thread-woven gambeson.gif Silver Thread-Woven Gambeson: Production-class defensive gear manufactured by a Tailor using Celestial Coral Butterfly Silk Thread made by Artificers and Fine Silver Thread made by Blacksmiths. This item requires rare materials and has a complicated production process, but in exchange, it's a masterpiece: light, sturdy, and highly resistant to magic.


  • Her name is a pun, being able to be read as both "Misa" and "Sansa." The former is the real pronunciation, while the latter is her nickname, as it also can mean the military rank "Major."
  • She shares a voice actress with Nazuna.
  • Misa is extremely fond of sweets, putting several spoonfuls of sugar into her tea in Shield and Freedom while discussing the Round Table's course of action at the Eastal ball. This is later brought up again in Rieze's schedule in volume 10's appendix, where it says "7:00 am. A light breakfast of toast and black tea ... It's sweet!! This one was Miss Takayama's!"[16]


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