Taro (タロ) is a Wolf Fang Druid in Shopping District 8 who serves as Calasin's assistant.


Taro is a young and thin teenaged boy, at least middle-school aged, and being a Wolf Fang he constantly has his wolf ears and tail displayed, his hair and fur colored dark. He wears a white shirt, a red bow tie, a flat-cap, and work shorts held up by suspenders, as well as fingerless gloves.



Round Table Alliance arc

Taro anime

Taro's first appearance in the anime

Taro stands besides Calasin as they take note of their dwindling stock of supplies. Having received word from Marielle, who helped start the Crescent Moon Refreshment Stand, that she wanted to do negotiations with him, Calasin tells Taro that this was an opportunity they couldn't afford to miss.

In Honey Moon Logs, he appears with Ashlynn in the final chapter, where they participate in the revelry of the Round Table Alliance's establishment together.[2]

Return of the Goblin King arc

When Rayneshia, Shiroe, Krusty, and Akatsuki arrive in Akiba to help rally Adventurers to help Eastal's cause, he, Ashlynn, and Liliana were awaiting their arrival. The three of them are quickly fascinated by Rayneshia, a "real princess," and watch her as she eats the Crescent Burger she was given.

Libra Festival arc

In the chaos of the Libra Festival, Taro and Calasin are swamped with paperwork when Minori goes to help them. He ends up arguing to Tomokazu, who accidentally knocks down a neatly-piled stack of papers while bringing even more in. However, before it can escalate further, Minori cools the situation by taking charge and reorganizing the papers. Mirroring Shiroe's words, she tells them to focus on what they can do.


  • He shares a voice actor with Azalea and Odiso.
  • He and Ashlynn have a good relationship, and it is possible that she has a crush on him.
  • Although his hair is almost always colored dark brown in the first season of the anime, both the Anime Settings Book and the SNG depict him with blue hair. Rieze had a similar coloring discrepancy with her clothes.
    • Similarly, his hat changed colors between the settings book (green) and the anime (dull yellow).


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