Tarutauruga of Fourth Prison, also known as Tarutauruga of Fourth Garden, is a monster in the MMORPG Elder Tale.


Tarutauruga of Fourth Prison is a powerful Full Raid level monster that appears in the quest The Nine Prisons of Heroes and in the Abyssal Shaft Dungeon.

Tactical Features

Relying fully on his power, he simply rages around the battlefield, unmatched and cruel. Including his icy breath nearly all actions are area attacks, rearguards are usually instantly killed if hit by a normal attack by the bludgeon due to its power. If your actions are sealed by continuous uses of Tarutauruga's White Night, you will be annihilated helplessly.


Gold of the Kunie arc

When the Abyssal Shaft Raid Party is fighting Ruseato of Seven Prison, Tarutauruga and Ibura Habura of Third Prison suddenly intervene, teaming up to wipe out the party.[1][2]

During the rematch, after the raid party evades Ruseato and moves on to fight Ibura Habura instead, Tarutauruga intervenes once again. However, the raid party expects him this time, and is able to fight off and defeat both raid bosses even after Ruseato pierces its own body to cause the Shadow Vanguard to help fight against the Adventurers.[3]


Vanishing Flat
Full powered striking attack. A direct strike is instant death, even for Warrior classes. Death from this attack prohibits your resurrection for 90 seconds.
Snow Crash
An icy tempest is created in the area with a blow of the bludgeon. The damage is high, but at the same time a special blinding effect occurs, turning your field of vision pure white for 15 seconds.
Tarutauruga's White Night
Powerful status inducing area effect used at set intervals. Causes a hypothermia-like state with the drop in temperature, resulting in penalty for movement strength and physical ability.


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