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"Swordsmith" Tatara is a Dwarf Samurai-Swordsmith and the guild master of the Swordsmithing guild Amenoma (アメノマ). She and her shop reside in a district in Akiba known as "Weirdo Cave".


As a dwarf, Tatara is rather short; she is stated to be Akatsuki's height, although Akatsuki surmises that she was taller in real life.[2]

She has dark skin, dark brown hair with a red hue, styled into a topknot, she wears samurai-esque clothes, sandles, fingerless gloves with armor on the backs of her hands, and a pair of goggles resting above her forehead.


Tatara is known for pouring her love into her swords, hand-crafting them with care. She is rather reserved and rarely does direct business with customers, although she is familiar enough with Akatsuki for the latter to ask her questions about her swords.

She runs a tight business, stating all sales are final and prices are non-negotiable (because she doesn't care for bartering).

She is very remorseful, having unknowingly sold the sword a rogue Royal Guard wielded to go on a killing-spree, and reforges one of her other swords for Akatsuki to give her the edge she needed to take the killer down, her way of making amends for the trouble she unintentionally worsened.


Fallen Guardian arc

Akatsuki visits Amenoma's shop to search for new weapons, where Tatara greets her. The Assassin asks her where Sento-Byakumaru had gone, to which the guild master replies that it had been sold, much to Akatsuki's shock. As she eyes another weapon and holds it for inspection, Tatara asks if she wants to buy it. Much to her displeasure, Akatsuki does not have enough gold to buy it and leaves her shop, dejected.[2]

During the raid mission to eliminate Enbart Nelles, Akatsuki's Enameled Ceramic Dagger breaks in the middle of an attack. As her allies hold back Nelles, Tatara rushes to her side to deliver the sword that Akatsuki had wanted, giving it to her as a present for working so hard for the city. It turns out that she had rewritten the Flavor Text of the item, giving Akatsuki strength through her friends.

Noosphere arc

Some of Tatara's wares are available in a store in Maihama; when Iselus examines the weaponry there, Isaac picks out one of her daggers for him though he protests that it is too expensive. Later, for Iselus' birthday, Isaac custom-orders a dagger for him from Tatara, in matching the ones carried by the rest of the Black Sword Knights and emblazoned with their guild's crest.

Collapse of the Round Table arc

Tatara is among the Watermaple maidens who accompanies Raynesia to Akiba Station, where Shiroe is in negotiations with Eins and Touri to possibly dissolve the Round Table Council. There, Raynesia, dressed in the Round Table's uniform, rejects Touri's marriage proposal, setting up the events of the Akiba General Election[3].


Smoky Quartz Goggles.jpg Smoky Quartz Goggles: Goggles fitted with semi-transparent black quartz that blocks out intense light. Although the item gives a bonus when creating clay items using the furnace, Tatara wears these to avoid eye contact with people, and it is frequently worn while looking after the shop.
Iron Eating Rat.jpg Iron-Eating Rat: A legendary mythical beast said to appear before well-learned Swordsmiths. It eats rust to survive, so care for tools and materials' needed. There are many who want one due to its palm sized cuteness, but it is hard to obtain due to rarity of Swordsmiths.
Leather Gloves of the Fire Rat.jpg Leather Gloves of the Fire Rat: Gloves created with the pelt of rare monsters that show up at night on volcanoes, the gloves would be fine even if swallowed by a Red Dragon due to it's flame-resistance.


  • After the Catastrophe, she has been making swords by hand.



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