tateWaki is an Elf Druid in the Crescent Moon Alliance. He was among the newbies who was tricked by Hamelin and forced to work for them. In volume 13, he is a member of the Akiba Guild Hall Raid Party, on Team C.


tateWaki is a tall young elf man, with pointed ears, messy brown hair, and he wears an open leather vest that displays his bare chest, with a fur collar, a cap over his hair, pants with a fur apron hanging around his waist but leaving the front open and pouches hanging from his belt, light brown boots, and some tribal-like jewelry or accessories.



Round Table Alliance arc

Nightingale's Song arc


Tate with staff

tate with his staff

As a lower-level player, tateWaki used a staff as his weapon.[1] However, by volume 13, tateWaki now uses a two-handed sword as his weapon.[2]


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