Teacher System

The Teacher System or Mentoring System (師範システム shihan shisutemu) in the Elder Tale allows high-level players to temporarily lower their level and stats in order to play with and guide new players.[1]

Lowering the teacher's stats and level allowed monsters to focus on the student players, as monsters are automatically attracted to the highest-level party member; the Hamelin hunting party tended to fail because of Shredder's failure to use this system, thus always attracting all the monsters and the lower-leveled players' formation would never work.[2]

Notable Uses After the Catastrophe

Before the Catastrophe, Shiroe used this system to train Minori and Touya. After the Catastrophe, the higher-leveled members of Log Horizon and the Crescent Moon Alliance used the Teacher System to help train the less experienced guild members.

Roe2 also uses this system after meeting Touya's Party; because of it, she was only capable of summoning one Pale Horse at a time.[3]

Immediately before the Akiba Guild Hall Raid, Akatsuki was using this feature as she was on training rotation. As a result, she was left unaffected by Eirenus' ability.[4]


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