The Apocalypse is the first episode of Log Horizon anime series. It first aired on October 5, 2013.


The series begins with a scene where Shiroe, along with Naotsugu and Akatsuki, is fighting Brier Weasels at midnight. While fighting, Naotsugu tried to use the command system to perform the Shield Smash skill but the command system seemed to malfunction. Akatsuki also seemed to be unable to use her skills and could only hold the Brier Weasels at bay. Due to this, Shiroe commanded them to fall back and tried to use the Nightmare Sphere skill but was grabbed ahold of by a Triffid.

The Beginning of a Different World

Defend Briar

Defending from Brier Weasels

Shiroe opened his eyes and found himself surrounded with aged buildings that were overtaken by plant life. As he walked toward the Silver-leaf Tree within Akiba, he took a glance around the market and saw a player at an NPC stall; demanding to talk to a GM. Out of the blue, he accidentally fell and his status screen popped up. While checking his items at the status screen, he noticed that he is unable to log out. After that, he checked his friend list and started a voice chat with Naotsugu.

Then, he met Naotsugu at the Silver-leaf Tree. Naotsugu seems to be wearing body armor. It is then revealed that they are in Elder Tale and that the new expansion, Homesteading the Noosphere, was released that day. After having a conversation, they decided to gather information about the expansion. Shiroe seems to be shorter in real life as he tends to fall due to the unfamiliar height he is at now. While they were walking, it seemed like someone was spying on them. The person then threw rocks at them, ranging from pebbles to a small boulder. Then, it is revealed that the person was Akatsuki, one of Shiroe's former party members. When Akatsuki started to talk, they realized she was a girl.

Small Assassin

Akatsuki asked Shiroe for an appearance changing potion as she remembered that Shiroe owned one. While she is using the potion, Naotsugu tried to take a peek at Akatsuki. After she drank the potion, Akatsuki turned into a beautiful lady of a younger age and shorter height from the painful transformation. Then, Shiroe assumed that Akatsuki changed her appearance to be closer to her real size, which was later proven to be true. Naotsugu made an unsuitable joke about her size and got kneed by Akatsuki. Akatsuki then asked Shiroe how much she owed him. Naotsugu told Akatsuki something she can pay with a lewd suggestion but was interrupted before he could finish by her kneeing him the face. Then, Shiroe invited her to join his group which she agreed to and began to address Shiroe as her Lord.

Crescent Moon Alliance

Akatsuki knee

Naotsugu gets kneed by Akatsuki

Next day, they walked around the NPC market before realizing that they were hungry. However, the food tasted bland. While eating, someone called Shiroe. The caller was Maryelle, leader of Crescent Moon Alliance who wanted to ask him something. After that, they headed to the Guild Building. As they walked into the building, Naotsugu commented about the numerous doors in the building. Shiroe replied that each guild had its own hall which contained its own zone. Then, they entered Maryelle's room, being astonished at how cute the the guild master's room was. Out of the blue, Maryelle greeted Shiroe with a flying hug. Akatsuki seemed to be jealous at that. However, Maryelle quickly hugged Akatsuki too, thinking that Akatsuki was Shiroe's girlfriend. Naotsugu also attracted Maryelle's attention. Then, Maryelle asked about Naotsugu and received a hug from Maryelle as well. Naotsugu felt a little annoyed about Maryelle's behavior. Suddenly, a woman named Henrietta appeared, hoping that she could exchange information with Shiroe. While talking she noticed Akatsuki and was immediately enraptured by how cute Akatsuki was. They didn't realize that the other guild members were watching them by the door.

Tea party

Tea Party members

Maryelle stated that there are 19 members of Crescent Moon Alliance online and 18 of them are in Akiba. Shiroe was informed that the cities beside Akiba - Shibuya, Minami, Susukino, and Nakasu - were in same shape. Also, they couldn't transport between cities due to the Intercity Transport Gate being offline. Maryelle told them that other players are also meeting up with their guilds; some of the guilds also looking to recruit new members. Naotsugu thought that it would be easy playing this game because they were familiar with it but Shiroe said that the new expansion might have added some new monsters, quests and items. Maryelle then invited Shiroe to join her guild but he declined. Then, Maryelle could only watch Shiroe move away from the guild building with Akatsuki and Naotsugu. Maryelle told Henrietta that the Debauchery Tea Party was not a guild, but only a small party consisting of friends. Henrietta was then informed that Shiroe was their strategist.

The First Battle

Shiroe and his friends were discussing about fate if they died in the game; whether they could escape or would also die in real life. After that, Shiroe decided to try the combat system. At night, they headed towards The Archive Tower Forest. Normally, low-level monster would ignore them due to being Level 90. However at The Archive Tower Forests, the monster will aggro on sight. Naotsugu also realized that they can't use their mini-map in the outside zone.

Cat guy

Nyanta Lurks

Suddenly, level 28 Brier Weasels appeared. Naotsugu thought it was hardly going to be any trouble but then soon realized the difficulty of using the combat system while in combat. They began fighting in position fell back when Shiore commanded them to, Shiroe was then attacked by a Triffid before he could use Nightmare Sphere. Suddenly, Akatsuki used a skill accidentally to attack and slay the triffid. Shiroe immediately came to a conclusion and ordered Naotsugu to use his body to feel the motion of the attack. Naotsugu used his body's motion and managed to use the Shield Smash skill. Then, they were victorious after using their skills. The episode ended with Serara at Susukino asking Maryelle for help because she was being chased by some people. Hidden in the shadows, a player with the features of a cat was watching her and the people chasing her.

Adapted From

  • The Catastrophe (Chapter)
  • The Small Assassin (Chapter)


  • It is still a mystery how every Elder Tale player was transported into the game's world.
  • The title of the episode comes from the post-apocalyptic setting of Elder Tale.
  • Players who chose characters that didn't fit their actual physical attributes have trouble moving and getting used to their new bodies.
  • The werecat is Nyanta, an old comrade of Shiroe and the former Chief of the Debauchery Tea Party.