Log Horizon 2: The Knights of Camelot is the second volume of the Log Horizon light novel series. It covers the Round Table Alliance arc.


  1. Return to Akiba (profile: Nyanta)
  2. Determination (profile: Touya)
  3. Sunflower and Lily of the Valley (profile: Minori)
  4. Knights of Camelot (profile: Henrietta)
  5. Grab Your Future (profile: Michitaka)


After defeating the two leaders of Brigandia, Demiqas and Londark, Shiroe's Party heads back towards Akiba. They rediscover flavorful food with the help of Nyanta, who reveals his secret to the group.

Meanwhile, Touya, Isuzu, Shredder, and a group of hapless newbies are trudging back to the guild hall. Within Hamelin's walls, the kids are exploited and worked to the bone day and night. Touya, a boy who had been under Shiroe's tutelage in Elder Tale, hears him upon Shiroe's return, but decides not to "bother" him with his problems.

Upon Shiroe's Party's return to Akiba, the Crescent Moon Alliance throws a party for them. After the party, however, Marielle catches Shiroe up on the developing situation in the city while he was away. To his disgust and horror, he realizes that the twins he had been mentoring, Minori and Touya, are being exploited in Hamelin.


Log Horizon

Crescent Moon Alliance




  • On the Japanese version of chapter 3's profile spread, "Valley" is misspelled as "Valleyn" (all chapter titles are written in English, with the Japanese names below). It is spelled correctly everywhere else in the volume.
    • Yen On's translation corrected "Valleyn" to "Valley".
  • While Shouryuu's name was misspelled as "Koryu" in the Yen Press version of the previous volume, it is corrected in this volume.
  • In Yen On's translation, Michitaka's level on his profile spread was bizarrely mislabeled as 19 rather than 90. It is likely a copy-pasting error from the previous volume, since the previous Chapter 5 profile spread featured the level 19 Serara.




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