The Pioneers is the twenty-fifth episode of the Log Horizon 2 anime and is the final episode of the Noosphere arc. It first aired March 28, 2015.

It corresponds with the fifth chapter of Homesteading the Noosphere, although the episode was adapted based on notes given to the animation team by Mamare Touno; the volume was not yet written at the time production started on the season.



Script Toshizu Nemoto (根元歳三)
Storyboard Shinji Ishihara (石平信司)
Episode Director Toshinori Watanabe (渡部穏寛総)
Chief Animation Director Akio Hirakawa (平川亜喜雄)
Animation Director Kyoko Kametani (亀谷響子)

Differences from the Light Novel

Note: This episode aired before the web novel and light novel versions were released.

  • While Shiroe is kiting the monsters, the Shibuya Raid Team's second party (Souji, Nazuna, etc.) isn't present in the light novel; they'd gone on ahead and attacked Taliktan so he wouldn't be drawn towards Shiroe.
  • When enacting the plan to draw Taliktan away from the antennae, Shiroe doesn't have time to explain the plan to the others in the light novel like he does in the anime.
  • The anime does not mention Shiroe using the spell Fly to lessen their fall damage.
  • In the anime, Shiroe uses the spell Singularity, which is a Sorcerer-exclusive spell. This was corrected by the time the light novel was written.
  • In the light novel, after defeating Taliktan, other research crews from Akiba came in to assist with research at the Fortress of Call, which isn't seen in the anime.
  • The anime does not add details about Kanami's husband that are found in the web novel and light novel, likely because it wasn't devised when Mamare gave them the information about the arc.




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