The Roderick Firm (translated as the Roderic Merchant Guild by Crunchyroll), also shortened to the Rod Lab, is a major production guild based in Akiba.

It is one of the city's major guilds and joins the Round Table Alliance.



Leaders of the Roderick Firm arriving at the Round Table Conference

The Roderick Firm is the second-largest production guild in Akiba. After the Catastrophe, this guild focused on research and attempted to gather every kind of recipe and item. The guild is specifically interested in collecting fantasy-class recipes and aims to create rare items.[2]

Members with the same subclass and conduct similar research studies form fixed groups called "sections" or "departments." They share the same resources collected for the guild. Mikakage, for example, as a Chef, is among those investigating the ongoing changes related to the creation of food by non-Chef Adventurers. 


Name Rank Class Status
Roderick Guild Master Summoner Active
Mikakage Member Druid Active
Blue Forest Member Cleric Active
Codex Member Assassin Active
Segawa Ichigo Member Unknown Active
Sanada Kazuhiro 21 Member Unknown Active
Manhole Phosphorus Member Unknown Active
Shupurisun Member Unknown Active
Kongo = J Member Unknown Active
Honoka Member Unknown Active
Namazuhige Member Unknown Active
Ikawa Wakai Member Unknown Active



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