Theldesia (セルデシア, Serudeshia?, also spelled Celdesia and Serdesia) is the name of the Elder Tale world. It is divided into thirteen main regions (public servers), each with several Adventurer Cities that serve as hubs for Adventurers and People of the Earth alike. Outside Adventurer Cities are fields and dungeons where monsters reside, and Earthling settlements that Adventurers can visit for quests and items.

(Please note that the locations listed here are not comprehensive. These are taken either from the novels or from ideas Mamare came up with in his notes. However, he does not plan on expanding far beyond the Japanese and Chinese servers, so there is little detail on most of the other servers.)

Half-Gaia Project

Elder Tale's Half-Gaia Project recreated Earth in half-scale, and many real-life landmarks were faithfully recreated in the game. Furthermore, many Adventurer Cities are based on major old world cities.

Location names in Elder Tale tend to relate to their old world names. For example:

  • Akiba is named after an area within the city of Tokyo
  • Formosa Island (Taiwan) used an antiquated version of the island's name.
  • "Boxroot" is an English transliteration of Hakone (箱 hako, box + 根 ne, root).
    • Similarly, Tone's Grave is derived from the English translation of the Kazakh location name Tyuratam, meaning "Tóre's grave".

In other cases, they are also based on characteristics of an area: for example, the Pacific Ocean is called Athirds Ocean in Theldesia, since it covers approximately a third of the Earth's surface area.[1]


Japanese Server

Main article: Yamato
Unique Classes
Samurai Logo Samurai
(replaces Pirate)
Kannagi Logo Kannagi
(replaces Medium)

The Japanese server, known as Yamato in-game, is run by F.O.E. Corporation. The Yamato server is divided into five sections known as the Five Territories.

African Server

Unique Classes
(replaces Druid)
(replaces Medium)

Chinese Server

Main article: Zhongyuan
Unique Classes
Youxia icon Youxia
(replaces Pirate)
Daoshi icon Daoshi
(replaces Sorcerer)

Despite being designated as the Chinese server, it actually covers most of the areas in Central and East Asia in the real world, which are split into several regions, such as the region of Aorsoi.

Indian Server

Unique Classes
(replaces Medium)
(replaces Swashbuckler)

Korean Server

Unique Classes
(replaces Enchanter)
(replaces Pirate)

Among all the servers, the Korean server is the only version of Elder Tale whose base game is free-to-play and includes an in-game cash shop. Because its unique Enchanter class replacement, Taoshi, was added in the expansion pack Cendrillon's Legacy after the server was initially released, the Korean server may have been added in the eighth expansion pack in 2012.

Middle Eastern Server

Unique Classes
(replaces Pirate)
(replaces Medium)

North American Server

The North American server, composed of the U.S.A and Canada. Its only unique class is Medicine Man, as the Pirate is actually the generic class.

The continent of Wen (the Americas) was colonized by Euredan settlers seeking to escape the conditions on the continent.

Adventurer Cities

  • Big Apple: One of the first North Wen Adventurer Cities along with South Angel, little is known about this city aside from the June 1 Riots; someone who discovered Real Food Preparation attempted to monopolize it and charge exorbitant prices for his food, resulting in the breakdown of order in the city and public lynching. Leonardo hails from this city, but jumped through a Fairy Ring to escape the chaos. Some time after the June 1 Riots, Big Apple fell under the control of a mafia-style guild called The Family.
  • South Angel: The second of the original North Wen Adventurer Cities, it represents Los Angeles in real life. The headquarters for Atharva Inc., the game's original creators, are located here, so there is a large statue of an angel in the city which players jokingly make "pilgrimages" to.
Areas of Interest in North Wen
  • Beautiful Ocean Bridge (Key West, Florida - Overseas Highway US-1): As one of the longest bridges in the original world, it connects the island of Key West to the rest of the Florida Peninsula. Sandwiched between the two, the Seven Mile bridge towers over endless islands and coral reefs. Occasionally, speed freaks will hold racing events on the bridge, which are open to all Adventurers.

Oceanic Server

Little is known about the server, but after the Catastrophe, it has become ruled by a mega-guild called Green & Green. It has restored order to the server and has been developing an Overskill called Arts Song of Whales.

Russian Server

Little is known about this server, aside from the fact that its unique classes are Cossack (replacing Pirate), Volkhvy (replacing Druid), and Hussar (replacing Swashbuckler).

  • Northern Ridge Rus': A location presumably correlating to the real-life Northern Ridge in Russia. Ga-tan originates from this area.

Scandinavian Server

Run by the UK-based Red Branch Company, it is also the group that designed Elias Hackblade, showing the trust that Atharva Inc. has in them. The area corresponding to Britain in the real world is known here as the Ulster Knight Sword Alliance.

Some areas of interest in the server were briefly introduced in the Appendix of volume 11, while covering Kanami's path to the Chinese server.

Areas of Interest
  • Londonium (ロンデニウム): A Player City that corresponds with London in the real world.
  • Hollanland (ホランランド): Corresponds with Germany.
    • Walled City Hohen[In reference to Germany's Hohenschwangau Castle] (城壁都市ホーエン): Corresponds with the real-world Berlin. After the Catastrophe, the city was split into an eastern and western side as two guilds, the Golden Dragon Knight Corps[金竜騎士隊] and the Silver Tiger Mercenaries[銀虎傭兵団], descended the city into chaos in their battles for supremacy. The two guilds eventually came to an agreement after Kanami, to grant the wishes of the Earthling refugees she was helping evacuate, settled things "with a punch and kick."
  • Ghentholan-Nader Dominion District (Knights' Hall Ridderzaal): Corresponds with Gelderland in the real world.

Southeast Asian Server

The Southeast Asian server (commonly abbreviated as SEA) is run by Philippines-based company Sarimanok Online Fantasy (サリマノック・オンライン・ファンタジー社). Its unique classes are Pesilat (replacing Monk) and Dukun (replacing Medium).

  • Manila: One of the Adventurer Cities on the SEA server.
  • Leon City: Corresponds with Singapore in the real world.

South and Central American Server

Run by a company called SPEEE, the South and Central American server has two unique classes: Capoerista and Paje.

  • Distrito Federal, abbreviated as D.F. (located where Mexico City is in the real world)
  • "Golden City" El Dorado

West European Server

Seven Hill: The area corresponding to real-life Italy is called Seven Hill. Its capital is the city of Romulusius, which corresponds to Rome.

  • Al Khandax Island: Crete in the real world. There is a dungeon there with an enemy called the Taurus Warrior, which Kanami was in the middle of soloing when the Catastrophe hit.
  • Daedalus' Labyrinth: A dungeon based on the legend of the Minotaur, located where real-world Crete is. Those who enter find that they cannot escape until they find Ariadne’s Thread, which returns them to the Great Temple of Athens. Even though Krusty acquired his Demon-Axe of Fresh Blood here, few Japanese players know of this Raid, and many presumed that the Japanese couldn't beat it.

Moon server

Main article: Moon server

The hidden fourteenth server located on the Moon. During the game era, this server was called "N_VOEN" and was a testing server before expansions were rolled out. Shiroe created his Roe2 alt on this server some time prior to joining the Debauchery Tea Party. Whenever a new expansion is about to be released, N_VOEN is closed off starting around a week before the release.

After the Catastrophe, one of its areas, Mare Tranquillitatis has become the place where Adventurers go to after being killed. There, they sacrifice a small part of their memories in order to return home; since the process is instinctive, it is suggested that it is impossible for one to consciously resist it.

The Prison of Time, also on the Moon, is where the Genius currently reside.


  1. Celdesia Gazette vol. 2, pg. 40
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