The Thirteen Global Chivalric Orders (全界十三騎士団) are a group of organizations comprised of powerful Ancients in Elder Tale. Each Order is tasked with guarding Elder Tale's servers, and during the game era, members of these Orders could be quest givers, temporary party members with Adventurers, or be in need of rescue. Sometimes, if the Adventurers failed to clear an event quest within a certain time limit, such as the Return of the Goblin King, their respective Order would step in and resolve the situation.

After the Catastrophe, all of the Orders disappeared, having been eradicated by the Geniuses. The only known survivor is Elias Hackblade. In the Eastal League of Free Cities, the nobles attempted to hide this fact until it was revealed to the Round Table Alliance representatives by Rayneshia.

Chivalric Orders

There is a chivalric order for each of Theldesia's servers.[1]

Name Server Notable Members
Blood-Sand Knights  ? -
Fei Cui Knights Zhongyuan (Chinese server) Ling Xiangfeng (leader)
Knights of Habaek Korean server* -
Knights of Izumo Yamato (Japanese server) Lelia Mofur, Litka Mofur, Lugrius (ex-member)
Knights of Shinha  ? -
Knights of the Red Branch Scandinavian server Elias Hackblade (leader)
Knights of the Sacred Cow Indian server* -
Knights of the Seven Seas  ? -
Obsidian Swordsmen South and Central American server* -
Shapeless Knights  ? -
Wen Keepers North American server -
Winged Dragon Magic Brigade Western European server* -
Zilant Knights Russian server* -

* Unconfirmed. Associated server is an estimated guess based on the Order's name.


The Catastrophe

Before the Catastrophe occurred, Elias Hackblade and the other Knights of the Red Branch learned about an incoming threat to Theldesia in the form of the Geniuses, currently sealed away on the Great Stronghold of the End. (In terms of the game era, they were new monsters being added through the Homesteading the Noosphere expansion pack.)

Heeding the prophet Sumiltimahra's advice, the Thirteen Global Chivalric Orders gathered together—even including the elusive Shapeless Knights—to combat this threat. Lower-leveled members such as the Mofur sisters were excluded, but anyone qualified to participate in this expedition was included.

The plan was to prematurely unseal the Great Stronghold and strike the Geniuses before they could get their bearings. However, the unimaginable happened: the Geniuses unsealed themselves first, and ambushed the vanguard, the Knights of the Red Branch. Worse yet, they wielded the Words of Death, which exposed the "reality" that the Ancients were nothing more than fabricated existences created by character software to give Adventurers purpose. By accepting the Words of Death as truth, those who heard them fell into stasis; they were not dead, but they neither breathed nor had heartbeats.

To protect his allies, Elias led a suicide party to stall the ambush while the remaining Orders prematurely activated the Spacial Teleport Devices to enter the Great Stronghold. Because of this forced activation, the land's mana was drained, rendering all Intercity Transport Gates on Theldesia inoperational when the Adventurers brought in by the Catastrophe awoke.


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