Touko is an Elf Kannagi-Talismancer and a high-leveled member of Silver Sword. He was a member of the Abyssal Shaft Raid Party.


Hara's sketch

Touko is a tall, bespectacled Elf with dark brown hair who wears traditional Japanese clothing.


Although Touko is a young man, he is one of the oldest members of Silver Sword and serves as one of William's advisers.


Before the Catastrophe

Touko was one of the first members of Silver Sword, along with Dinclon and Prometheus. He has a sensitivity to the cold that has remained even after the Catastrophe.

Round Table Alliance arc

Silver Sword members in Akiba

He is one of the Silver Sword members who were buying the EXP Pots from the Hamelin. When Marielle explains how the large guilds essentially ruled the city, Touko is seen with BologneseMaster, Eltendiska, and Pororoca, among other members of his guild.

Gold of the Kunie arc

In the battle against Ruseato of Seven Prison, Touko is seen reviving Enkaatanto, who had died to Ruseato's Moonlight Death Knell. Later, he uses his Talismancer abilities against Ruseato, sending some talismans to Ruseato which then explode.


  • Eight Immortals' Daifukucho[A type of ledger used during the Edo and Meiji era]: The replica of a ledger of paper talismans that a sage skilled in mystical arts had compiled. A Production-class container-type item that allows Talisman Users to carry large amount of talisman-type items with ease. Since the Catastrophe, Touko has spent quite the effort [arranging its contents] to make sure he would have ready access to various talismans.
  • Nukupo: These tabi-type socks were developed by the Susukino's Tailors after receiving the information on the "technology revolution" Silver Sword brought from Akiba. Using a few feather from a Summoner's Phoenix, they keep one warm and comfy, though one has to watch out for low temperature burns. They're popular with not only Touko, who's sensitive to the cold, but also with the ladies as well.
  • Silver Accessory Glasses: An accessory with no abilities whatsoever. Touko wears them only because they make him look like someone with common sense. After the Catastrophe, though, he has gotten into the habit of pushing up his glasses. The actual effect remains unclear but is widely acclaimed, and has an sinisterly capable appeal.[1]


  • He shares a voice actor with Eisel, Girov, Katsuomaru, Kawatarou Nakai, Kyriva, and Caille.[2]
    • His birthday, December 27, is shared with Hien.[3]
  • In his sole season 1 cameo, his outfit is blue; like most of the other Silver Sword cameos, his outfit is recolored for season 2.



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