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Touri Saiguu (斎宮トウリ), full name Utena Saiguu Touri (ウテナ=斎宮=トウリ) is the heir to the House of Saiguu, which descends from the Westelande Imperial Dynasty and is privy to some of the Kunie's ancient technology.

He plays a prominent role in the story starting in Volume 12: Collapse of the Round Table.

(Note: Not to be confused with the Debauchery Tea Party member Tuli, whose name was originally translated as Touri.)


Touri is a young man with black hair and red eyes, with his bangs slightly covering his left eye. He has a rather fit physique as a result of practicing archery, even if his combat abilities are nowhere near an adventurer's. He is said to carry an air of refinement and elegance around him.

According to Shiroe, his overall appearance resembles Krusty's, but he has a hint of Isaac's anger and his smile is like Soujiro's.[4]



After the Catastrophe

In the face of the House of Saiguu's dwindling political power, Touri grew weary of the Holy Empire Westelande Senate's constant aggression towards the Eastal League of Free Cities and unwillingness to work with them despite the rapidly-changing times.

After Malves' failed sabotage attempt on Akiba and return to Westelande in disgrace, Touri appeared before him and convinced him to oppose the Senate to usher in a new age for the entirety of Yamato. At some point, he also came in contact with Eins, who grew increasingly frustrated by the Round Table Alliance's inability to function without coming to a mutual agreement. Together, the three began plotting a way to unify Yamato and ease the tension between the two countries.

Collapse of the Round Table arc

Touri's information box and first introduction in the anime

He is first mentionned by Saraliya as Raynesia's soon-to-be husband and his name is also used when Malves delivers a letter to the Watermaple Mansion.

He first appears during the meeting between Shiroe and the newly crowned Duke Eins at the old Akiba Station, passing himself as an attendant of Malves. Shiroe however quickly sees through this facade and the two men begins to converse. He also informs Shiroe of the depths of the Senate's collusion with Indicus, Shiroe's former colleague from the Debauchery Tea Party and the de facto leader of Plant Hwyaden and dictator of Minami, citing developments such as Operation Red Night and the failed assassination attempt on Iselus, the Prince of Maihama, to illustrate how dire this collusion has gotten. Touri urges Shiroe to join his side with Eins so they can stop Indicus and the Senate's machinations and halt a war that would devastate Yamato. Before Shiroe can make a decision, however, Raynesia arrives on the scene wearing the Round Table's uniform. Raynesia turns down Touri's marriage proposal, and he accepts her answer. Shiroe interprets Raynesia's presence at their meeting as a message to keep the Round Table alive, and he thus proposes the Akiba General Election as a means to determine the future of the city. The election is between Raynesia, standing as the candidate for a New Round Table Council, and Eins, as Duke of Akiba and the candidate for a proposed Akiba Government.

During the election, Touri's endorsement of Eins puts the Round Table at a massive disadvantage, as this makes Eins wildly popular with the People of the Earth, who outnumber Adventurers several times over in Akiba. Nonetheless, when Shiroe reactivates the Intercity Transport Gate to call in voters from Susukino, Touri knows that he has effectively lost; even aside from pro-Round Table voters coming in from Susukino, Touri knows that the Senate will react negatively to this development. He speculates that the Senate had allowed him to come to Akiba as a means to discreetly weaken Eastal and the Round Table, and now that the Intercity Transport Gate is live in Akiba and Susukino as well, the Senate is now at risk.

Eins is forced to drop out before all the votes have been counted. He, Touri and Malves all withdraw to the Saiguu family's home base at the Lake of Nio.

Twilight Orphan arc

This arc begins with the Round Table sending Minami a goodwill delegation. As part of this diplomatic visit, in the first chapter of the arc, Li Gan and Touya of Log Horizon are seen visiting Touri at Kyo, the ancient capital.


Touri's items will be shown in Volume 12.


  • In volumes 3 and 8, Touri's family name 斎宮 was officially translated "Saimiya".[5] It wasn't until volume 10 that a hiragana pronunciation was released, revealing the proper pronunciation to be "Saiguu", and the official translation changed accordingly.


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