Tracker is one of the many subclasses in Elder Tale.


As the name implies, the Tracker subclass gives players additional skills that allows them to track other players or foes, erase their presence or move in the dark. Though these skills are useful, they are seldom used thus the subclass is in the middle in terms of popularity. Skills belonging to this subclass, combined with the Assassin class, allow the user to easily dispatch enemies without them knowing.[1]

Trackers are also useful for Hunter-types to find game or ingredients. They are also similar to the Fugitive subclass, although the other one is mainly for solo players and focuses more on escaping.

Tracker Skills

  • Sneak (穏行術/スニーク)
  • Hide Shadow (隠行術[Japanese Wiki lists this, even though it's the same as Sneak. I'd infer that this is wrong, since Sneak came first in the edit history]/ハイド・シャドウ)
  • Silent Move (無音移動/サイレントムーブ)
  • Tracking (痕跡追尾/トラッキング)
  • Wide Sense (広域知覚/ワイドセンス)

Known Trackers


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