Heal, huh? I will do my best to serve.
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Ukiyo is an Elf Cleric-Maid and a member of Silver Sword, as well as one of its founding members.[3] She is a member of the first party in the Abyssal Shaft Raid Party.



Hara Kazuhiro's sketch of Ukiyo

Ukiyo has long, bright purple hair and dons a pink, long-sleeved maid outfit with a white apron. She wears thigh-high boots that end right below her skirt. In battle, she uses a metal club as her weapon.[1][4]


She is rather popular both within her guild and with the People of the Land, despite her high-handed personality. Like most of the other members in her guild, she looks down on battle guilds that challenge lower-level dungeons.

She speaks very frankly to the men, encouraging them by playing tsukkomi (physical damage included), and looks after the younger girls.[5]


Prior to the Catastrophe

Ukiyo knew William Massachusetts, Dinkuron, and Prometheus at some point before the formation of Silver Sword, and later became one of its founding members.[3]

From this, it could likely be inferred that the woman in a ponytail seen in the flashbacks during William's speech is Ukiyo in real life.

Round Table Alliance arc

She leaves Akiba with the rest of their guild as they move to Susukino, with Tetora in tow.

Gold of the Kunie arc

Ukiyo anime

Ukiyo heals Junzou

Ukiyo is among the members of Silver Sword sitting inside the guild hall when Demiqas barges in to challenge Shiroe, who had come to request Silver Sword's help. She watches the scene unfold, sitting next to Kawatarou Nakai.[1] She joins the raid as a member of the first party, primarily assisting Dinkuron by healing him and providing defense.

At the entrance to Abyssal Shaft, she comments on how they are the first Adventurers to set foot in the place. While fighting the first boss, she is shocked when it uncovers a new skill that it didn't have in Helios, another dungeon it appeared it. When they take on the second boss, she can be seen running away from its tentacles with Touko. During one of the breaks, she, Touko, and Junzou walk in on a conversation between BologneseMaster, Dinkuron, and Eltendiska, talking about how other battle guilds were raiding low-level dungeons for supplies. When Demiqas throws a fit, she watches him with a smirk on her face as BologneseMaster wonders if the Monk had realized he had put extra vegetables into his dish.[6]

As they fight against Ruseato of Seven Prison, Ukiyo provides heals along with Touko and Tetora. While healing Junzou, she notes that the boss had become much stronger, and comments that in the Nine Prisons of Heroes raid, Ruseato's White Knight mode had to be triggered while Ruseato in Abyssal Shaft could change modes at will. Just before the party is wiped out, Ukiyo stares at Ibura Habura of Third Prison and is subsequently killed by the three Raid Boss team-up.[7]

Get a girlfriend or not

Ukiyo disapproves of HighlandSky's idea

When she revives, she sits against one of the fallen pillars as HighlandSky slumps down to sit next to her. After Junzou and Sasameyuki suggest returning to Susukino and acting as a peacekeeping guild that protects the Landers, HighlandSky comes up with the idea of getting a Lander girlfriend, something her resulting facial expression suggests she is skeptical of. With the others, she responds positively to William's speech, and agrees to take another shot at the dungeon.[8]

Homesteading the Noosphere arc

Along with the rest of her guild, Ukiyo assists in driving off the Eternal Moths. After the Shibuya Raid Team clears the Calling Fortress raid, she is seen with some other guild members, surrounding Demiqas as he holds Upashi, who had fainted because of the Moths' attack.

Other Media

Log Horizon: New Adventure Land

Ukiyo currently has three character versions in the mobile game.

Ukiyo sng decisive battle

[Decisive Battle] Ukiyo[【決戦】浮世]
Class Rarity Role Type Attribute
Cleric Logo Cleric UR icon Healer Rearguard Earth icon
100 65503 52475 53963 59928


Her specialty is wide-area recovery and defense, mostly revolving around the spell Sacred Wall, which reduces damage taken depending on the caster's magical attack power.

  • Ura's Twig[Ura is the demon/oni that terrorized the Kibi province of yore and was defeated by Kibitsuhiko-no-mikoto. This legend is believed to be the origin of the story of Momotaro.]: A metal club that belonged to the oni that dwelled on an isolated island in the Westelande region. Though classified as a Phantasmal short staff, it has unusually high physical attack and defense for a spell-user item. While it could be wielded with just one hand, using it with both hands would greatly boost one's crit rate. What Ukiyo uses for really painful tsukkomi[That Japanese comedy routine where one person whacks another with a paper fan. Replace the paper fan with this metal club.].
Ukiyo mace

Ukiyo with Ura's Twig

  • Tenmei Hairband[Tenmei (天冥) here is the short form of 天界冥土. Fully translated, it would be called "Hairband of Heaven [to] Hades".]: From the Gates of Heaven to the path to Hades, adhering to her principle of staying by her master's side irregardless of the circumstances, such is the maidservant's spirit as enshrined in this hairband. Restricted to the Maid, Elder Maid, and Housekeeper subclasses, it greatly boosts the effect of the wearer's healing magic.
  • Sunny Fabric Apron Dress: An apron dress woven with threads spun from sunlight. Keeps off the cold and increases the range of healing magic. Easily recognizable even in the midst of a melee and doesn't intimidate Landers that easily. As such, this maid dress is her trademark wear, be it in a fight or in daily life. Technically, guys can wear this too.


  • She shares a voice actress with Rikopin and Ashlynn.
  • One of the Lander rumors floating around is that Ukiyo, Dinkuron, Prometheus, and Pianississimo are all related.[9] In another rumor, William is actually a member of royalty, with Ukiyo as the Court Maid, Dinkuron as the Grand Master, Prometheus as the Court Mage, and Pianississimo as the Court Bard.[10]
  • Even before the Catastrophe, Ukiyo had a good batting arm. In one of their offline meetings, she managed to hit five home runs and win fifteen free batting tickets as a result of it, and earned her the nickname "Ukineki" (浮ネキ, short for "Big Sis Ukiyo" (浮世のアネキ, Ukiyo no aneki?)) among her guildmates.[11]


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