Upashi is a Person of the Earth Human Housekeeper-Noblewoman.

Originally one of the Earthlings enslaved by Demiqas after the Catastrophe, her refusal to submit to him, plus his defeat and humiliation at the hands of William Massachusetts, changes him. He eventually married her and is now quite subservient to her instead, much to the amusement of those around him.


Upashi has long brown hair tied down in a ponytail. She wears a cyan blue colored dress under a light blue apron.


While a noble, Upashi does not seem to be too attached to her heritage. Thus she does not mind in the fact that she degraded her status to a mere housewife of her kidnapper.

Despite being an Earthling, who would die permanently if she is killed, she shows no fear towards Demiqas in regards to such a prospect, allowing her to scold her husband as freely as she likes whenever his tantrums breaks something and she needs to clean it up. Upashi genuinely seems to love her husband and, despite how Demiqas almost constantly puts up a ferocious exterior, is aware what kind of person he is in the inside.


Gold of the Kunie arc

In the rematch against the three raid bosses, Demiqas has a flashback of Upashi, where she scolds him about his temper and says that if he wants to kill her to really make it.

When Demiqas and the Abyssal Shaft Raid Party return to Susukino, they are reunited once again and she became very happy for Demiqas, when he tells how he saved Shiroe and the raid party of the Shadow Vanguard, saying that he had friends.

Noosphere arc

When the Eternal Moths begin attacking Adventurer Cities, Upashi is among those who faints due to MP loss, sending Demiqas into a panicked rage, much to William's annoyance. After the Shibuya Raid Team defeats the Genius of Summoning, Taliktan, she wakes up and asks Demiqas why he was crying, something that he fervently denies with "I'm not crying! I'm drooling! I'm drooling out of my eyes!"


  • Upashi means snow in the Ainu language; the Ainu are the indigenous people of Japan and mostly live in the area corresponding to Susukino.
  • Upashi shares her birthday, December 25, with Elissa.



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